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9 September – 16 October       

Katherine Hattam: Desire first 1978 - 2015

Katherine Hattam: Desire first surveys the work of Melbourne-based artist Katherine Hattam. The exhibition traces the development of Hattam's practice from early, charcoal drawings from her first exhibition at the Ewing & George Paton Galleries at The University of Melbourne in 1978 through an evolving practice that encompasses drawing, collage, printmaking and sculpture.

Katherine Hattam is renowned for explorations of domestic and 'family' spaces that are at times joyful, dramatic and intense. Through the use of recurring motifs, in particular the chair and other domestic objects, alongside collage drawn from deconstructed Penguin classics and modernist textbooks from her late mother's collection, Hattam transforms personally symbolic materials and references into an archaeology of family, feminism, education, literature, psychoanalysis and the role of the unconscious in art making.

Curated by Emma Busowsky Cox

The Hazardous Kitchen Katherine Hattam

 Image Caption: 

Katherine Hattam 

The Hazardous Kitchen, 2002 (detail) 

Oil and enamel on canvas; mixed media 

Dimension variable. Collection of Charlie Mackinnon 

Photography: Clare Rae

28 October – 11 December

Where are the Originals? Once were photographs… Peter Lyssiotis

Where are the Originals? slows down the frantic pace of photography in the modern era, pausing for a breath in our rush to capture every moment by taking an over-the-shoulder look at photography and interrogating it.  Amongst other things this exhibition posits the view that once an idea has been stretched, almost to breaking point, it will return inevitably to the original.

Lyssiotis' process of scratching, erasing, sanding and over drawing an existing image is a way of drawing those photographs, which have been made and already reproduced back to their essence… light.  So that the immediacy of photography goes arm-in-arm with the meditative nature of drawing.

Based on two series of works, "Men of Flowers" and "… & Now?" these works look at the challenge of making visible that which the initial photographer has not foreseen, revealing, in the process, what was hidden in the original, with a view, always, to reach for those unexpected levels of poetry (and perhaps humour). 

Curated by Leanne Willis

Lyssiotis ..Now I

 Image caption:

Peter Lyssiotis, … & now? I, 2009, giclee print, 108 x 80 cm, Deakin University Art Collection, 2013.18. Purchase 2013. Photographer Simon Peter Fox.

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