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Cultural and linguistic diversity

Work is continuing on the development of the University's cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) Action Plan.

The plan aims to build on current University capability, to enhance engagement, better support people from CALD backgrounds and enrich the student and staff experience. It also aims to develop greater cultural competency amongst staff working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Deakin University Iftar dinners

Deakin University has previously hosted two very successful Iftar dinners, in 2011 and 2013. These were held in partnership with the Australian Intercultural Society (AIS), Professor Fethi Mansouri of the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, and the Deakin University Islamic Society.

These events have demonstrated the University's capacity to contribute to social harmony, the celebration of diversity and the promotion of intercultural dialogue and friendship in Victoria. Building on the success of past events, and the strong partnership with the AIS, Deakin will host a 2014 Iftar dinner at a date during Ramadan (28 June–27 July) to be confirmed.

Students with Lecturer, Susan Ang, and Vice-Chancellor, Jane den Hollander, at the 2013 Iftar dinner
Students with Lecturer, Susan Ang, and Vice-Chancellor, Jane den Hollander, at the
2013 Iftar dinner

Courageous conversations about race

Since 2010, more than 150 Deakin staff and students have attended Courageous Conversations about Race workshops, facilitated by Michael Fialho, Senior Diversity Officer and race expert at the University of Western Australia.

These interactive workshops raise racial consciousness, by examining concepts of 'whiteness' and 'privilege' that contribute to race-based inequity and power differentials. Participants report greater confidence and capacity to work effectively with people from culturally diverse backgrounds as a result of attending the workshop.

'I thought this was an excellent workshop. Malcolm was a very knowledgeable, engaging and inspiring speaker. I learnt a great deal and was reminded of the need to continually work on these issues.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I found the topics and discussions relevant and eye opening. Malcolm was a fantastic presenter. I believe it was a highly beneficial and will recommend it to my colleagues.'

Equity and Diversity will host a Courageous Conversations about Race workshop with Malcolm Fialho at a date and time during June 2014 to be confirmed.

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