The Deakin eStrategy

Evolve, protect, enable, advance, differentiate and excel. These are the six key verbs that define Deakin University's digital strategy, Vision Plus (PDF), and describe how eSolutions will continue to drive digital innovation at Deakin in 2016-2018:

  • Evolve eSolutions by enhancing the capabilities and engagement of our people to deliver the highest quality services to the University.
  • Protect Deakin by securing the organisation and its electronic assets from cyber-attacks and cyber-failures.
  • Enable Deakin by providing solutions and services that support our business needs.
  • Advance Deakin by delivering solutions and services that improve our business through automation, change and innovation.
  • Differentiate Deakin by helping our University to stand out from the competition.
  • Excel by being the best at what we do to ensure our technologies just hum.
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