The Deakin eStrategy

Deakin eSolutions is committed to providing the digital capabilities and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the University and its partners have the support, services and skillsets to stay ahead of the curve, both now and in the future.

At the heart of this is the Deakin eStrategy (PDF, 858.5 KB) , a plan that describes the journey eSolutions will take over the coming years to help define and shape the future of Deakin. For details, watch the video or read the transcript below.

eStrategy video

Video transcript

How do you imagine the future?

It wasn't that long ago that we all imagined the future could look like this.


We never really dreamed that it would actually look like this.

With all the possibilities, advances in technology, new ideas and discoveries shaping our future, it seems like anything is possible.

At Deakin, we know cutting-edge technology and creativity are crucial components of driving the digital frontier.

We are really excited about the challenge.

In fact, we have already started building the foundations, delivering some innovative tools and platforms, and preparing for what is yet to come.

That is why we have developed an eStrategy plan based around the following 5 key pillars that we identified as the trends shaping the needs of the future.


With smart phones and mobile devices set to overtake PCs very soon, being prepared for "bring your own device", device-independence and cloud-based services is vital.

Flexibility: Technology and training needs are set to transform the way education is delivered, revolutionising the university teaching model.

We need to be prepared for innovative cloud learning, and the huge potential of tailored content delivery.


It won't be long until all your experiences with technology match your unique preferences, and context.

For this to happen we need live access to accurate and contextual user identification as well as intelligent algorithms and data storage.

[Oh, perfect.]


Barriers to communication and collaboration such as space, time and language are no longer important.

This opens a whole range of new global opportunities, personal relationships and shared experiences.


Big Data, complex analytics, research data transparency and finding meaning in the constant flow of information are skills that will be essential in the future and require robust information architecture.

But like I said earlier, we are working in the background and planning for the future and you may have already noticed a few things starting to evolve.

So please, follow me as I pull back the curtain just a little...

Our immediate future includes a new breadth of student and staff experiences that are fully personalised and customized to the needs of the person using them.

Providing profile and learning information, a full array of well-timed information, feedback and tailored social and entertainment suggestions.

As a staff member you will soon have access to an array of efficiency-enhancing communication technologies.

These include instant messaging, personal video conferencing, recording and sharing multi-party meetings, easy sharing of files and documents and a range of desktop and other collaboration tools that will change the way we search, research, interact and connect.

Students will also see the benefits and start experiencing a new level of education.

With these collaboration tools there will be increased flexibility as well as greater interaction and engagement.

Of course, all of this will require a robust network.

On the surface we have already deployed our new wireless solution.

Below the surface, we are ensuring a stable technology environment that is ready to support future demands by replacing network and server hardware.

More visibly, we are refreshing audiovisual equipment in lecture theatres and meeting rooms, ensuring our reputation for having modern and effective facilities continues into the future.

This is just the beginning and as new technologies and innovative ventures at the university evolve we will keep you updated.

Whatever the future brings, Deakin is planning to be in the driver's seat, but right now our imagination is steering and we'd like you to join us as we see where the ride might take us.

Imagine live collaboration between people on different sides of the world.

And remote interactions in a 3D environment.

Supporting research and education, Deakin facilitates researchers' participation in the real world.

Real time speech translation.

Experiences that are customized and personalised to suit your needs and situations.

A future where everyone, everywhere, has access to the world's best resources.

What would this mean for the future of education?

Are you ready to Live the Future? Just imagine the possibilities…

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