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Committee Secretaries


Committee Secretary Contact
Head, Governance Unit Glenn Nicholls 9246 8242
Council Glenn Nicholls 9246 8242
Chancellor's Advisory Committee Glenn Nicholls 9246 8242
Audit and Risk Committee Rachel Haynes 5227 8913
Finance and Business Affairs Committee Rachel Haynes 5227 8913
Investment Committee Fiona Schleussinger 9244 5213
Legislation Committee Fiona Schleussinger 9244 5213

Academic Board

Committee Secretary Contact
Manager, Governance and Committee Services Karen McFarlane 5563 3232
Executive Assistant to Chair of Academic Board Mel Finnigan 5227 8546
Academic Board Executive Committee Karen McFarlane 5563 3232
Course Standards Committee Judith Maunders 5227 8547
Research and Research Training Committee Judith Maunders 5227 8547
Thesis Examination Subcommittee Clare Peterson 5227 8577
Teaching and Learning Committee Cathy Blackwell 5227 8548
University Appeals Committee Jo Lawson 5227 8534

Senior Management Group

Committee Secretary Contact
Executive Officer Cathy Blackwell 5227 8548
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