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Academic study program

We are committed to providing academic staff with the opportunity to enhance their professional development and pursue research and/or scholarly work outside of the University.

As part of Deakin's research development offerings, opportunities may be provided to academic staff to engage in the Academic Study Program (ASP) (formerly known as Academic Study Leave or ASL).

ASP is a form of paid professional development designed to support academic staff to work with local and internationally renowned academics, professionals and industry leaders, from other institutions. It also provides the opportunity for uninterrupted research activities.

For more information please refer to the ASP procedure.

The Academic Study Program procedure was reviewed and update in 2015, with key changes including:

  • Removal of the University Academic Study Program Committee, approval now sits with the Faculty ASP Committee
  • Budget allocation to each Faculty and Institute, based on continuing headcount
  • Eligibility and assessment criteria have been more clearly defined
  • Staff member agreement and reporting more clearly defined

Key dates

Trimester 1 and 2, 2016

12 August 2015 Call for applications
9 September 2015 Applications due to Head of School (HoS) /Head of Department or equivalent
23 September 2015 Applications due to Faculty ASP Committee
14 October 2015 Applicant advised of outcome

Trimester 3, 2016

16 November 2015 Call for applications
14 December 2015 Applications due to Head of School (HoS) /Head of Department or equivalent
22 January 2016 Applications due to Faculty ASP Committee
12 February 2016 Applicant advised of outcome

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

What do I need to include in my application?

Please refer to the application form (DOCX, 38.3 KB) as it sets out all of the information required.

How do I know if my proposed project is appropriate for Academic Study Program?

Staff considering applying for ASP are encouraged to discuss their application with their Head of School/Department or equivalent prior to submission. For examples of past ASP Projects please refer to Examples of ASP projects (DOCX, 17.8 KB) .

How much funding will I be awarded?

This will vary subject to the application, duration and location- as a guide, please refer to Schedule A of the procedure.

How long can I go on ASP for?

Normally, ASP leave will be for a period of no more than two trimesters and where augmented by other forms of paid or unpaid leave shall not exceed 12 months.

How do I access the ASP funding I have been awarded?

Approved ASP applicants will have the total awarded amount paid via payroll, on receipt of a signed Academic Study Leave Letter of Offer.

Important Note: The ASP grant is not taxed and will show on the staff member's payment summary in the financial year in which it is paid. It is the staff member's responsibility to seek tax advice as to how the ASP funding may impact their individual situation and to keep all invoices/receipts for tax purposes. This one off payment allows flexibility in making travel arrangements and allows the staff member to have the funds prior to departure.

It should be noted that use of the University's approved Travel Management Consultant (TMC) is mandatory for all airfare purchases associated with ASP and is preferred for accommodation and car hire purchases.

Please be advised that Deakin University is unable to provide tax advice regarding the ASP payment. It is recommended that you seek your own financial advice in this regard to the payment and tax implications. It is also the staff member's responsibility to investigate whether Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) will have any effect on their ASP and associated activities.

In some cases, a staff member may request for their ASP funding to be transferred to a Deakin research account. It is the staff member's responsibility to provide the Human Resources Division with the correct account details. The staff member can then access the funding in accordance with the University's and their area's financial processes.

What happens if I don't use the total amount of ASP funding I have been awarded?

Where any part of the ASP grant is unsubstantiated with receipts, the University may seek reimbursement.

I haven't travelled on University business before, what do I need to do?

When travelling on University business, staff members must ensure they comply with the Travel Procedure particularly in relation to: travel bookings and travel insurance (including augmenting Recreation Leave for leisure travel whilst on ASP).

Important Note: Use of the University's approved Travel Management Consultant (TMC) is mandatory for all airfare purchases associated with ASP and is preferred for accommodation and car hire purchases.

For details on travel insurance please refer to the Travel web pages.

What happens if I need to change or modify my approved ASP?

It is recognised that changes may be required after an ASP application has been approved. Should this occur, the changes must be approved by the Head of School/Department and Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor. Changes can include, but are not limited to:

  • deferring of ASP leave to another year
  • changes to research and publications output
  • reduction of leave time which may affect the grant amount
  • changes of location or institution
  • receipt of additional income whilst on ASP
  • dependent family member no longer accompanying the staff member

When do I have to complete the report?

Within three months of returning from ASP, applicants are required to prepare and submit a formal report to their Faculty ASP Committee. Each applicant is also required to present a seminar of their outcomes to their Faculty/School/Department (as appropriate). Future ASP leave requests may not be considered if reports are not submitted.

What happens if I have had a period of extended leave prior to applying for ASP?

The Faculty ASP Committee will take into consideration your performance and outputs prior to the ASP, relative to the time you have been at work.

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