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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions on how to nominate for a training course can be accessed via StaffConnect, by clicking on the My Training & Development > Staff Development Program menu.

Details on each course, including date, time, venue and course content can be found by selecting the relevant course in StaffConnect.

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

1. How do I find information such as campus location or content about a course I'm looking for?

Once you have found the course you are looking for, select the title of the course under the "Course" column.

Click on the Details link under the "Details/Venue" column. Here the date, time, location, venue, duration, content and objectives of the course can be found.

2. As a manager, am I able to nominate my staff for training via StaffConnect?

No. Although managers should discuss the training opportunity with the staff member, the staff member needs to log into StaffConnect and nominate for the training. Managers can then log into StaffConnect and approve their staff member's training nomination.

3. I have nominated for a course, where can I review my nomination?

Select the training registration page in StaffConnect or refer to the automated email you received from StaffConnect at the time of nomination. The email is titled "Deakin University HRS Email Notification".

Note: When you nominate for a training course, it is important to take note of the details of the course, such as date, time and location. These should be entered into your Outlook calendar at the time of registration.

All HRD Staff Development courses close 1 week prior to the course start date. After this time, they will no longer be visible in StaffConnect. Other Training Provider Administrators may have different course closure conditions.

4. I'm a manager, how do I approve my staff member's request in StaffConnect?

To approve a training nomination:

  • click on the record id number
  • scroll down to the drop down box and select the statement to approve or reject the training nomination
  • click submit

We would like to ensure that you are aware that by approving a training nomination, you agree to HR contacting you to discuss how the staff member's attendance at the training has positively impacted their work.

5. I want to register for PPR training but there are no scheduled courses, the courses are full, or they're at times I can't attend. What do I do?

New sessions are scheduled periodically. You can check back at a later date, or email to be put on a waiting list for future sessions.

HRD Courses only

Note: The below questions apply to HRD Staff Development Program courses only. If you have a question regarding any other courses within StaffConnect please contact the relevant Training Provider Administrator.

6. I'm a manager and I would like to arrange for a course for my whole team. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible, with the course costs to be funded by your Faculty, Institute or other Area.

If tailored training is required to better suit a specific objective, we can provide information and guidance on available options eg. customised workshops. Please contact the HR Administrator on 9246 8166 or to discuss your training needs.

7. Do you provide one-on-one training?

We do not offer formal one-on-one training. However, we are able to offer one-on-one consultancy, assisting with such areas as development needs, personal growth and team development.

9. I'm a casual staff member.  How do I apply for training courses?

Please email providing the following details:

  • Course title
  • Course date
  • Course campus
  • Manager's name to approve the training nomination
  • Account code

Note: The account code you supply will only be debited where costs are incurred (for example, IT training courses or late cancellations as per the course conditions).
Casual staff must ensure they receive prior approval from their manager before nominating for a training course.

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