Frequently asked questions

How do I view the position description for a vacancy?

Current vacancies can be viewed by visiting your opportunity is here.

Select the vacancy category and you will see a list of open vacancies. Please note: there is a second scroll bar within the page that you may need to use to see all vacancies. (Hint: Ctrl+F will allow you to search the text on the page).
Find the relevant vacancy and select the position title.  On this page you will see some information about Working at Deakin and a link below that to the position description.

Note: Position descriptions are saved as a pdf and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe Reader site. If you are still unable to view the position description, please email or call +613 9246 8139 and state the vacancy reference number.

Job Description and Details

How does the casual register work?

There are three casual register vacancies – Academic, Research and General - that are designed for all types of casual positions required throughout the University.
Selected hiring managers across the University have access to the applications in these registers.  They refer to them when they need to employee a casual staff member in their area. Generally, there will not be an interview and casual needs can be anything from a few hours, to a few days, weeks or even months.

To register your interest in working as a casual, select your preferred position type and click on the 'Apply Now' button.  Fill in your details, answer some basic questions and attach a cover letter and resume. The questionnaire will ask about your hours of availability, previous experience and skills. You will be contacted directly if an opportunity arises that you may be suitable for.
Note: On 1 January of every year, all applications are deleted from the casual registers.

How do i know if my application has been received?

Once your application has been submitted, a successful submission message will appear on the confirmation page. This confirmation page can be printed for your own records.
You will also receive an automatic acknowledgement to the email address supplied almost immediately. If you do not receive a response please check that the provided email address is correct.
If you are still having difficulties, please call +613 9246 8139 and have your name and the vacancy number ready or email and quote your name and the vacancy reference number.

How will i know if i have been shortlisted for interview?

Once the short list has been completed, you will be called and/or emailed by either Human Resources or the hiring area directly to invite you to interview.
Note : there may be a delay in short listing for a number of reasons. Human Resources will endeavour to notify all candidates as soon as possible.

Can I withdraw or change my application?

Yes. Please email, state your name and the vacancy reference number and your request. If you are making amendments please attach these and be clear about which documents to replace.

What if i don't have the right to work in Australia?

Depending on your situation and what type of employment you are looking for you may be eligible to apply for a temporary, permanent or student visa. If you are not an Australian citizen you are required to provide a copy of the appropriate visa prior to commencing any employment at Deakin. We recommend you contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for advice.

What if I'm currently living interstate or overseas?

If you are successful for interview, Human Resources or the hiring area will provide advice as to the options available to attend - whether in person or remotely.

Deakin University may provide travel and relocation assistance to new staff relocating from either interstate or overseas in order to take up a position with the University. The contact person stated in the job advertisement will be able to provide advice as to whether this assistance is available for the position.

I have completed the online application form, however my application will not submit. Why is this?

There are several fields within the online application form that are mandatory, these are highlighted with a red asterisk *. If any of these fields are missing, you will receive an error message when you go to submit. You will need to go back and fill in all mandatory information.

Please also double check you have entered an appropriate email address including the "@" symbol.

How do I attach my Resume/Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and any other relevant documentation?

It is preferred that all documentation is combined into one attachment.

In the Attachments section at the bottom of the online application form:

  1. Click on the browse button
  2. Use the choose file box to locate your attachment
  3. Highlight the document you wish to attach and click on 'Open'

Please ensure that the file name contains no white spaces and is less than 30 characters long.

What types of files can I attach to my application and is there a size limit?

It is preferred that all documents are attached as a single PDF or Doc file only. The file cannot be more than 2MB.

I am still having problems, what can I do?

Please call +613 9246 8139 or email and clearly state your name, the vacancy reference number and the issues you are experiencing.

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