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Requesting flexible work arrangements

All staff at Deakin have the right to request flexible work arrangements. Staff who are parents and carers have a legal right to request a change in working arrangements. Other staff member requests for flexible work will be considered on a case by case basis.

Prior to making a request

Please note: this process only refers to changes of a more permanent/long term nature. Temporary changes, such as taking time off for an appointment or using flexitime, do not require this level of detail.

  • Define the factors that are influencing you to consider requesting a change in your work arrangements and explore the flexible work options that could meet those needs.
  • Read the following documents that relate to flexible work:
  • Develop a flexible work arrangements proposal that includes:
    • details of the proposed change
    • the impact it may have on your team and your work area
    • any issues that may come up as a result and how they might be managed
  • Be flexible in your approach. You may have to negotiate and give your supervisor more than one option to consider.

This negotiation guide (PDF, 272.9 KB) will help guide you in this process.

Process for requesting flexible work arrangements

Provide as much notice as possible of the need for a change in work arrangements as this may make it easier to meet your request.

  1. Submit your request in writing to your supervisor (include the details that you have outlined in your proposal)
  2. Meet with your supervisor to discuss request including how to deal with issues raised (use your proposal to back up your request)
  3. Supervisor responds to your request in writing within 21 days of receiving the request
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