Equity and Diversity

We're proud of Deakin’s culture and continue to nurture its development as one that values diversity, enables access and promotes inclusion. We provide disability support services, develop gender equitable practices and implement discrimination and harassment policies.

Our focus

Our primary goal is to ensure all students and staff feel welcomed, safe and supported no matter their gender, race or ability throughout their journey with Deakin.

Our services

Promoting inclusion and access for all

We support and provide information for students and staff with a disability, health or mental health condition that affects their study, work or participation in university life. Our services include accessible parking, assistive technology and interpreters.

Our Disability Resource Centre houses a dedicated team of Disability Liaison Officers who support and guide students and staff throughout their time with Deakin.

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Collaborating through partnerships and projects

We run a number of programs, projects and events through school, community and government partnerships focused on helping all students access university.

These include:

Championing human rights

Deakin supports a number of human rights campaigns including:

Racism. It Stops with Me., an initiative of the National Anti-Racism Strategy.

Diversity – More than we see which celebrates individuality and uniqueness.

Respect. Now. Always. which addresses sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Gender equity

Deakin is committed to understanding barriers to diversity and inclusion and to address gender inequities for staff.

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Nurturing a diverse and welcoming culture

We facilitate practices, policies and networks to ensure a fair and inclusive university environment. We’re strongly committed to the principles of equity and fairness in education and employment and do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation.

We respect, value and actively pursue the benefits of gender equity across the university, as well as cultural, linguistic and sexual diversity.

The Deakin LGBTIQ+ Community aims to create a more diverse and inclusive culture by promoting greater visibility and awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex, queer or questioning (LGBTIQ) staff and students. We’re also proud to offer a number of flexible working arrangements for all Deakin staff.

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