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Thesis Examination Subcommittee

The Thesis Examination Subcommittee reports to the Research and Research Training Committee.

Terms of reference and composition (below)
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Terms of reference and composition

Updated 5 February 2015


The Thesis Examination Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Research and Research Training Committee (RRTC) and is responsible for the review of examiners' reports, coordination of recommendations emerging from the examination process, final assessment of higher degrees by research (HDR) theses and ensuring best practice in the thesis examination process.


  1. Consider reports from examiners of Doctoral by Research and Masters by Research theses and determine a resolution based on those reports and the report from the HDR Coordinator of the Faculty or Institute in which the candidate is enrolled.
  2. Monitor the thesis examination progress of all candidates and take appropriate action where unreasonable delays are encountered.
  3. Identify problems or issues in HDR thesis examination policies or processes and ensure that these are either addressed through the HDR Unit in Deakin Research or brought to the attention of the RRTC for consideration and solution in order to provide ongoing best practice.
  4. Ratify decisions made between meetings on routine matters by at least two Thesis Examination Subcommittee representatives, one being the Chair or Deputy Chair.
  5. Respond to any miscellaneous matters relating to thesis examination.
  6. Select winners of University prizes or awards associated with HDR theses.

Rules of Operation

The Subcommittee shall conduct its business subject to the Standing Orders of the Academic Board and its committees (PDF, 138.0 KB)  and to the following provisions:

  • a quorum shall be any six members
  • members will each serve a three-year term, with one third of the membership replaced at the end of each year
  • members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms
  • in the event of a member's leave of absence for more than three months, the Subcommittee may seek an alternative person to act as a replacement for the duration of the member's absence
  • the Subcommittee will nominate a Deputy Chair from its membership.


The Subcommittee shall consist of:

  • A Chair, who will be a senior academic nominated by the Chair of Academic Board
  • The HDR Coordinator or appropriate nominee nominated by each Faculty and the Institute for Frontier Materials
  • An academic staff member nominated from the Institute of Koorie Education
  • An Academic staff member of Level C or D nominated by the Chair of Academic Board
  • Two representatives from the professoriate nominated by the Chair of Academic Board
  • The Executive Officer, HDR and the Senior HDR Adviser may attend meetings of the Subcommittee with rights of audience and debate.


The Secretary of the Thesis Examination Subcommittee shall be a member of Governance Services.

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