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Elections for Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic authority within the University and is responsible to Council for maintaining highest standards in teaching, assessment and research.

Deputy Chair of the Academic Board

As the number of nominations exceeded the available vacancy in the Deputy Chair of the Academic Board category, a poll will be held from the following candidates for this vacant position:

> BENNETT, Professor Andy
> COLDWELL-NEILSON, Associate Professor Jo
> ZUTSHI, Associate Professor Ambika.

Statements for the above candidates are available here.

Vote at this link.

In accordance with Regulation 2.2 (1) – The Academic Board, the Academic Board shall elect a Deputy Chair from the University professoriate and associate professors:

Clause 2 (a) of the regulation states that:

The Academic Board shall:
      a.      elect … a Deputy Chair from the professors and associate professors of the University …

Eligibility to vote in this election shall be members of the Academic Board.

Voting in the poll opens for five working days from Monday 2 May and will close on Friday 6 May 2016.

One postgraduate coursework student elected by and from the postgraduate coursework students

As a result of the poll for election to membership of the Academic Board for the postgraduate coursework student category, the following candidate has been duly elected for a period from 8 April 2016 to 31 December 2017:

> Ms Sophie Jamieson.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the Returning officer.

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