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31 March 2016

In October 2013 ‘Change 100 Lives’ campaign was launched as an initiative that aimed to address the challenge of student equity, access and participation in university study.

The Change 100 Lives Fund provided course-duration scholarships and emergency grants to students who, because of financial disadvantage or personal circumstances, might otherwise not be able to access the benefits of a university education.

From 2013 until December 2015, more than four thousand alumni and friends donated to these scholarships exceeding our one million dollar target. 

This is an inspiring response and we are extremely proud of our alumni - thank you for your continued generosity to Deakin University students.

Following the success of the ‘Change 100 Lives’ campaign, the new annual giving campaign will focus on support for scholarships for our students within the NGO sector who are on the ground, rebuilding communities and lives, whenever a humanitarian response is required.

In mid May 2016, current Deakin students will be calling Deakin alumni to learn more about where your education has taken you and to share with you information about Deakin scholarships for humanitarian relief.   

Humanitarian crises can either be natural disasters, man-made disasters or complex emergencies.

Each requires a unique and targeted response as no two emergency interventions are ever the same.

Responses must be inclusive and sensitive to context but also crucially take into account local response.

The environment in which humanitarian workers find themselves today is more complex and diverse than ever.

Conflicts are increasingly complicated and natural disasters are escalating in number and intensity.

Financial assistance for scholarships will help humanitarian workers in the NGO sector prepare for active deployment in the field.

Preparing humanitarian workers to display and use a diverse range of knowledge and competencies is critical so they are enabled to deal with the complexities they will face and be equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools to take action and make a positive difference to devastated and affected communities and people.

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