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25 August 2017

Thanks to the generosity of Deakin Alumni, staff and friends, A$30,000 was successfully raised through the #3DWASH crowd-funding campaign throughout April. Support from the Deakin Community, along with commitment from Deakin's Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) and Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, encouraged a private foundation to donate the last A$50,000 needed to fully fund this fantastic project.

WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and this funding will enable the team from CADET to make a big difference in the Solomon Islands by producing replacement plumbing parts from plastic waste using 3D printing. In future, a 3D printer could be safely transported between villages and used by local experts to fix toilets, pumps and taps quickly providing a safe and sterile environment. A partnership with NGO Plan International brings their knowledge and understanding of the Solomon Islands' community needs, together with Deakin's expertise. Hopefully in future this model could be rolled out to other communities in need.

Grateful thanks to our partners at the English Family Foundation, Start Some Good and Plan International. We would also like to formally acknowledge and thank the individual supporters of this project; we commend them for helping make this vision a reality:

Aisha Sadikay

Ian Gibson

Mike Tan

Alecia Bellgrove

James Jackson

Monica  Moore

Amy Morris

Janosh Biczok

Natasha Davis

Ashok Ilankovan

Jenny Barling

Neil Cochrane

Bec Franken

John Westland

Olivia Oh

Belinda Bardas

Julie Nolan

Patrick Schanen

Ben  Horan

Julius Orwa

Paul D'Urso

Bernard Rolfe

Karen Hapgood

Peter Mackinlay

Brad Bond

Kathy Reid

Piers Pettit

Bree Gorman

Katrina  Swalwell

PrintIn3D Geelong

Carolyn Munckton

Kellie Arnold

Rachel Weston

Cherihan Hassun

Khatereh Hajizadeh

Richard Andrews

Cheyne Brudenell

Kim Ngan Pham

Richard Dent

Christine Linden

Kirby Lucas

Rig Tig

Christopher Baker

Kirsty Bruce

Rikki Andrews

Claire Moore

Kristy Rodwell

Robyn Lampard

Craig McGill

Lauren Abel

Robynne Hall

David Dawes

Lauren Hawkins

Sandra Dunoon

David Hunter

Leslie Falkiner-Rose

Sarah Frankland

David Pardoe

Lillian Kline

Sarah Zaharie

Divya Srinath

Lucy & Rosie Low

Sarah  Obst

Donna Squire

Mahbube Subhani

Shannon Andrews

Elizabeth Braithwaite

Malissa Gough

Sheryl Anson

Emin Parry

Mariana Paulino

Sheryl Anson

Erin Hadden

Marianne Mansfield

Simon Rabl

Estela Garcez

Marita Baum

Sohail Mohammed

Gemma Willocks

Martin Reukers

Stella Knorr

Georgie Kelly

Maryann Doolette

Stephanie McDonald

Gerlinde Koeglreiter

Matt Low

Stephen Maurer

Giles Peach

Mazher Mohammed

Stuart Palmer

Heather Rogers

Mervyn Piesse

Tamara Chalmers

Helen Dacres

Michael Currie

Teresa Treffry

Helen Newton

Michael Mortimer

Tim O’Brien

Hieu Trinh

Michael Pereira

uFraction8 ltd

Hugh Kingsley

Michael Snowden

Vanessa Meachen

Iain Livingstone

Michelle Varcoe

Victoria Denahy

Ian Cunningham

Michelle Keam

Yuh-Min Chong

17 anonymous donors


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