Vice-Chancellor update on Warrnambool campus

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12 July 2016

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander today visited Warrnambool to update staff, students and the community on the future of the campus.

Federation University offer

During a staff briefing, the Vice-Chancellor announced that Federation University had formally advised her of its decision not to proceed with an offer to acquire the Warrnambool Campus.

“I am disappointed to learn that Federation has decided against accepting what was a very strong offer,” Prof den Hollander said.

“In deciding not to proceed with plans to take over the Warrnambool Campus, Federation said no to a $100 million package supported by both the federal and state governments.

“When the Federal Ministry is sworn in, Deakin will begin discussions with the new Turnbull Government, followed by discussions with the State Government regarding how we might secure higher education for the Warrnambool community.”

Deakin University Council meeting

The Vice-Chancellor also provided an update on the deliberations of the University Council.

“If the University Council agrees at its next meeting in August that we continue in Warrnambool, the education model will need to be different. We must find better ways to manage small enrolments across a range of disciplines because we must provide students with a Deakin experience consistent with our other campuses,” Prof den Hollander said.

Certainty for Warrnambool students

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated that students studying at the Warrnambool Campus are unaffected by the discussions.

“I have made it very clear on a number of occasions that our wonderful students, both existing and those starting in Trimester 2 this week, are unaffected by these discussions and will continue their studies in the normal way and will graduate from the Warrnambool campus,” Prof den Hollander said.

“I extended the Trimester 2 enrolment deadline until yesterday – the first day of the second Trimester – and committed additional marketing funding to give the Warrnambool community as much time as possible to encourage more students to enrol.

Many of you will have seen the additional advertisements or heard the radio promotional activity in the town and region.

“Despite our best efforts and those of the community, new enrolments for Trimester 2 have not increased. We will continue to work with the community and remain hopeful for 2017 if we all work together in what is a shared goal of ensuring higher education in the Warrnambool region.”

The Vice-Chancellor confirmed that plans continued for the annual Open Day on the Warrnambool Campus on Sunday 7 August.

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