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Prof Alister Ward



Associate Head Of School (Research)


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 1989
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1994
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne, 2001

+61 3 522 72041

Research interests

The immune system is vital for maintaining good health. However, much remains to be learnt about how it develops normally, how it is perturbed in disease and how it is subverted during infection. One key facet of the immune system are the various cytokines and their receptors that regulate it. Prof. Ward leads a research team at Deakin University’s new Medical School investigating the genes involved in the development of the immune system, including cytokine receptor signalling components, with the aim of understanding their function, evolution, and role in disease. This research utilises multi-disciplinary approach, combining bioinformatics, molecular biology and functional genomics approaches in the zebrafish model.
Prof. Ward’s group is housed in the $15M Molecular Medicine Research Facility, which opened in April 2011 and contains a comprehensive suite of equipment to service molecular biology, cell biology, microscopy and histology at PC2 level. CI-Ward also oversees the ARC LIEF-funded FishWorks facility, which consists of an extensive Aquatic Habitats aquarium with a 700-tank capacity, including breeding tanks, independent light cycles, and nursery, as well as an exquisite range of equipment for zebrafish embryo manipulation and analysis, including dedicated microinjectors, fluorescence microscopes and digital cameras, and currrenlty being further upgraded.

Teaching interests

Prof. Ward has significant teaching expertise, previously serving as Year 1 & 2 Co-ordinator for Medicine and Course Director for Biomedical Science. He currently teaches into ‘Human Biology’ and ‘Infection, Defence & Repair’ in the Medical Course and ‘Immunology & Hematology’ in Biomedical Sciences, and contributes to the supervision of 3rd year, Intern, Honours and PhD students.

Knowledge areas

Prof. Ward was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, and has then trained as a European Molecular Biology Organisation Long-Term Fellow and a Sylvia and Charles Viertel Senior Medical Research Fellow. This has provided him with significant expertise in biochemistry, genetics, functional genomics, bioinformatics, immunology, haematology and developmental biology.

Professional activities

CI-Ward has a strong presence in the local, national and international research community, illustrated by the following specific activities:

> Conference Organisation:
• 8th Australian & New Zealand Zebrafish Workshop, Geelong, Australia (2007)
- Organising Committee (Chair)
• Infection & Immunity Conference, Gold Coast, Australia (2009)
- Scientific Advisory Committee
• Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference, Geelong, Australia (2012)
- Scientific Advisory Committee
• 4th International One Health Conference, Melbourne, Australia (2016)
- Organising Committee

> Grant Review:
• Australian Research Council
- International Reader (2004-)
- College of Experts Member (2013-)
• National Health & Medical Research Council
- Project Grant Reviewer (2001-)
- Grant Review Panel Member (2011)

> Editorial Roles:
• Frontiers in Bioscience, Special Issue: ‘Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and its receptor: roles in health and disease’
- Managing Editor (2007)
- Editorial Board Member (2012-)
• American Journal of Experimental and Clinical Immunology
- Editorial Board Member (2012-)
• Journal of Blood Diseases
- Editorial Board Member (2014-)

> Other Peer Review, etc:
• Regular manuscripts from >15 journals, including Blood, Haematologica, and J Immunol
• Judging panels, including ASMR Vic. Premier’s Award (2006-11,14), SMART Geelong Awards (2010,12-13)
• Regular theses (1-2/year)

> Research Training:
• BSc(Hons):
- 10 completed (9 with H1 – 3 top of cohort, 9 continued to PhD)
• PhD:
- 9 completed (4 prize-winners, all continued to postdoc/faculty roles, incl. at WEHI, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, University College London)
- 9 current

> Leadership/Representative Roles:
• Australian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
- Review Panellist (2004)
• Australian Society for Medical Research
- Medical Research Week Committee (2000-5)
- Careers Sub-Committee (2000-4)
- Assistant to the Premier’s Award (2002-5)
- Premier’s Award Sub-Committee (2004-5), Chair (2004-5)
• BioGeelong
- Steering Committee Chair (2008-10)
• Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases
- Steering Committee (2009-)
• Biosciences Victoria
- Deakin University rep (2010-2)
• Victorian Technology Network
- Deakin University rep (2010-)
• Research Australia
- Deakin University rep (2011)


Consistently successful at obtaining competitive funding, Professor Ward has been awarded funds totalling in excess of $4.2 million, with the majority from National Competitive Grant Schemes. He has also received a number of prestigious fellowships, including a European Molecular Biology Organisation Long-Term Fellowship, an AMRAD Postdoctoral Award and a Sylvia and Charles Viertel Senior Medical Research Fellowship. In the last 10 years these include:
• Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant, ‘Socs proteins in health and disease’, 2005-2007 $215 000 (CI: AC Ward)
• Australian & Pacific Science Foundation Grant, ‘Impact of subterranean water on the physiology and health of Murray Cod (Maccullochella peeli peeli)’, 2006-2008 $28 000 (CIs: P Jones, S De Silva, G Turchini, T Toop, AC Ward)
• Geelong Community Foundation Grant, ‘Establishment of medical school’, 2007 $30 000 (CIs: W Duan, B Crotty, AC Ward)
• National Health & Medical Research Council Enabling Grant, ‘Australian zebrafish phenomics facility’, 2007-2011 $1 500 000 (CIs: A Perkins, B Key, J Rothnagel, A Ward, S Grimmond, P Alewood, D Hume, A Boyd, M Lardelli)
• Geelong Community Foundation, ‘Establishment of GTRAC’, 2009 $47 000 (CI: AC Ward)
• The Foundation for Children, ‘Defining mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle development and muscular dystrophy’, 2010-2012 $157 000 (CIs: D McCulloch, N Stupka, AC Ward)
• Collier Charitable Fund, ‘Study of embryonic development: automatic gene detection device’, 2012 $48 000 (CIs: Y Gibert, AC Ward)
• Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure Equipment Fund Grant, ‘Collaborative high bio-containment immunological research facility’, 2012 $520 000 (CIs: AC Ward, J Mak, LF Wang, J Stambas, J Lowenthal, R Tripp, TF de Koning-Ward, WA Buttemer)
• Atkins Charitable Trust, ‘Role of cytokine receptors in ovarian cancer’, 2012-2015 $42 500 (CIs: AC Ward, W Duan, D McCulloch)


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The extracellular matrix in cancer progression: role of hyalectan proteoglycans and ADAMTS enzymes

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Australian Competitive Grants

Defining mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle development and muscular dystrophy

Dr Daniel Mcculloch, Dr Nicole Stupka, Prof Alister Ward

Financial Markets - Foundation for Children

  • 2012: $34,980
  • 2011: $71,230
  • 2010: $36,250

Identifying underlying causes of craniofacial defects in newborns

Prof Alister Ward, Dr Daniel Mcculloch, A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick, Dr Mike Forrester

Financial Markets - Foundation for Children

  • 2016: $24,409
  • 2015: $59,364
  • 2014: $32,514

Other Public Sector Funding

Researcher of the year (teaching & learning) award

Prof Alister Ward, Prof Evelyne de Leeuw, Prof Brendan Crotty, Dr Karen D'Souza, Ms Sharyn Milnes

  • 2009: $4,545

Equipment Grant 2009

Prof Alister Ward

  • 2009: $48,114

NHMRC Equipment Grant 2011 - MMR SRC

Prof Julian Mercer, Prof Alister Ward

  • 2011: $9,897

Delivery of MIRNA Using Genetically Modified Influenza Virus

A/Prof John Stambas, Prof Alister Ward, Prof Ken Walder, Ms Yingju Xia

  • 2014: $60,000

Characterising the role of interferons in low and highly pathogenic influenza virus infection in the chicken

Prof Alister Ward, Mr Andreas Rohringer

  • 2016: $7,000
  • 2015: $7,000
  • 2014: $7,000
  • 2013: $7,000

Anaerobic Bacterial Culture Cabinet

Prof Alister Ward

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NHMRC Equipment Grant 2016

Prof Alister Ward

  • 2016: $19,922

Industry and Other Funding

Establishment of the First Medical School in Geelong

Prof Wei Duan, Prof Alister Ward, Prof Brendan Crotty

  • 2007: $30,000

Impact of subterranean water on the physiology and health of Murray cod (Maccullochella peeli peeli)

Dr Paul Jones, Hon Prof Sena Desilva, Prof Giovanni Turchini, Prof Tes Toop, Prof Alister Ward

  • 2009: $5,000
  • 2008: $2,000
  • 2007: $14,000
  • 2006: $7,000

Establishment of GTRAC

Prof Alister Ward

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  • 2009: $22,920

CONTACT: Consortium for the evaluation of targeted cancer therapies

Prof Alister Ward, A/Prof Richard Bell

  • 2010: $88,554
  • 2009: $192,049

Deakin Cancer Research

Prof Alister Ward

  • 2012: $5,000

Automated gene expression quantification machine: qRT-PCR

Dr Yann Gibert, Prof Alister Ward

  • 2014: $33,800

Improving Cancer Diagnostics By Using Chemical Flags - Cancer Research Scholarship

Prof Alister Ward, Dr Sarah Shigdar

  • 2016: $14,000
  • 2015: $14,000

Research into the role of Proteins called cytokine receptors in ovarian cancer and the development of novel agents to suppress their effects

Prof Alister Ward, Prof Wei Duan, Dr Daniel Mcculloch

  • 2015: $12,500
  • 2014: $12,500
  • 2013: $12,500

Other Funding Sources

Collaborative High Bio-Containment immunological Research Facility

Prof Alister Ward, Dr Linfa Wang, A/Prof John Stambas, Dr John Lowenthal, Prof Ralph Tripp, Prof Bill Buttemer, Prof Johnson Mak, Prof Tania De Koning-Ward

  • 2012: $105,000
  • 2011: $100,000

ARC College - 2014 Nomination - Prof Alister Ward

Prof Alister Ward

  • 2016: $13,904


Principal Supervisor

Andreas Rohringer

Thesis entitled: A study of the chicken IFN lambda system

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Robert Matthew Sertori

Thesis entitled: Investigating interleukin-2 receptor family signaling in zebrafish

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Monique Trengove

Thesis entitled: Suppressor of cytokine signalling 4 and 5 in zebrafish development

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Carolyn Dancevic

Thesis entitled: Dissecting ADAMTS Proteoglycanase Biology in Development and Disease

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Brian Clarke

Thesis entitled: Expression of anti-viral shRNA molecules in transgenic zebrafish

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Parisa Rasighaemi

Thesis entitled: Dissecting the role of the ETV6 transcriptional regulator in development and disease

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Janani Kumar

Thesis entitled: Aberrant Cytokine Signaling in Ovarian Cancer

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Kate Goossens

Thesis entitled: Comparative analysis of type III interferon receptor and interferon-stimulated genes

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Michael James Dodson

Thesis entitled: The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) in medical student selection

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Suzita Mohd Noor

Thesis entitled: Role of JAK2-Stats-C15 Pathway Components in Zebrafish Development

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Liza John

Thesis entitled: The Ikaros Gene Family: Characterisation of the `Atypical' Pegasus

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Sarah Louise Shigdar

Thesis entitled: Haematology of Murray Cod: Molecular and Cellular Analysis

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Clifford Liongue

Thesis entitled: Evolution of Class 1 Cytokine Receptor Signalling: Conservation of GCSFR

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Rowena Lewis

Thesis entitled: Analysis of the stat5 Genes in Zebrafish

Doctor of Philosophy (Biol & Chem), School of Life and Environmental Sciences


Sara Onnebo

Thesis entitled: Study of Myeloid Leukaemogenesis in Zebrafish

Doctor of Philosophy (Biol & Chem), School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Associate Supervisor

Christopher Kintakas

Thesis entitled: ADAMTS5 expression and function in myoblast fusion and muscle regeneration

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Scott Chisholm

Thesis entitled: Characterisation of PTEX88, a component of the Plasmodium translocon

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Jasmina Luczo

Thesis entitled: Pathogenesis of avian influenza: role of the haemagglutinin cleavage site motif

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Daniel Fraher

Thesis entitled: Chemical Modulators of Lipid Abundance and Bone Development

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Vengama Naidu Modepalli

Thesis entitled: The Marsupial: A unique model for understanding the regulation of lung development

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Shallal

Thesis entitled: Recombinant Influenza virus as HIV vaccine vector

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Ashalyn Watt

Thesis entitled: Innate immunity in the breast and the role of the milk peptidome

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Craig Wright


Doctor of Philosophy (Nutrition & Exercise) (High Cost), School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Jia Lin

Thesis entitled: A nanoliposome-based drug delivery system for cancer

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine


Katherine Birrer

Thesis entitled: Silencing Host Genes Using RNAi to Impact Virus Growth in vitro Methods for reducing cotton wax.

MAppSc (Medicine) (High cost), School of Medicine


Keith Niven

Thesis entitled: Mitochondrial Division in Dictyostelium Discoideum

Doctor of Philosophy (Biol & Chem), School of Life and Environmental Sciences


Lynda O'Sullivan

Thesis entitled: Dissecting the Role of socs Proteins using Zebrafish

Doctor of Philosophy (Biol & Chem), School of Life and Environmental Sciences