AsPr Andrea Gallant



Associate Professor of Education


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University, 2007


Research interests

educational reform, emotional work of teachers, teacher attrition- coaching pre-service teachers & mentoring beginning teachers, women aspiring to leadership and cultural consciousness
Methodology/methods/analysis: Narrative inquiry, self study, grounded theory, standpoints and symbolic interactions, soft sytems


(ISATT)International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching
(ATEA)Australian Teacher Educators Association
(AARE)Australian Association Research Education
(AERA) American Education Research Association
International Gebser Society
(IRNIE)International Research Network into Imaginative Education (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver).

Teaching interests

Master of Education
Leading and Managing in Learning Organisations
Research Design and Development, reserach paper or minor thesis (Part A and B)
Master of Teaching
Ethnographies of Leadership

PhD Supervision


Gallant, A. & Riley, P. (2012). Professional development: Developing self for the profession. AARE/APERA, Sydney December. Gallant, A. (2012). Symbolic interactions and the development of women leaders in higher education. Oxford Round Table, Oxford July. Gallant, A. (2012). Failure to Thrive: Mid-Career Women in Higher Education. AERA Vancouver April. Gallant, A., & Riley, P. (2011) The reunion: Teachers leaving narratives. Invisible College New Orleans, April. Riley, P., Gallant, A., & Lewis, R. (2011). Doing Good Work and Doing Good with the Work: Improved Student Outcomes through Positive Classroom Management. AERA New Orleans 2010 April. Riley, P. & Gallant, A. (2011). Eight early career teachers tell us why they left teaching while wanting to stay. ISATT Portugal,July. Allard,A. & Gallant, A. (2011). Collaborative reflections: using video stimulated methodology as a means to develop and enhance self-study of teacher educators. AARE Hobart, November. Mayer, D., Allard, A., & Gallant, A. (2010). Authentic Teacher Assessment. ATEA Townsville. Riley, P., & Gallant, A. (2010). Leaving Narratives: Teachers tell us why they leave the profession early. AARE, Melbourne, November. Schaefer, L., Downey, A., Clandinin, J., Riley, P., Huber, J., & Gallant, A. (2010). Once Upon a Time: Teachers, Stories, Identities and Exits. Invisible college, Denver April 29, 2010. Gallant, A. (2009). Colonisation: an examination of the entanglement of globalisation and education. 14th Biennial Conference of ISATT, Lapland, June. Gallant. (A). (2009). Identities: Situated knowledge and self Intercultural Collaboration. XXXVIII Annual International Jean Gebser Conference, Hofstra University. October 15-17th 2009. Gallant, A., Riley, P., Barnes, J., & Scofham, S. (2008). Education for Ecological Sustainability: Positive Pedagogy through Attachment and Cultural Consciousness. British Education Research Association (Symposium) Edinburgh, 3-6 September 2008. Gallant, A. (2008). Educational Management versus Leadership: Where have all the flowers gone, when will we ever learn? Colloquium presentation. Holistic Education Research Group Inaugural International Colloquium. Melbourne, 24-25 Jan, 2008. Gallant, A. (2008). The MR Game: The Deal or No Deal Reality in Higher Education. Engendering Leadership Conference. Consortium for Diversity at Work Business School. University of Western Australia, July 2008. Gallant, A. (2008). Ambiguity of Globalisation: A-waring the subtle power of the butterfly affect., XXXVII Annual International Jean Gebser Conference, (Melbourne. Australia) June 2008. Gallant, A. (2007). Tnnies, Ong, McLuhan and Gebser: Multicultural classrooms. Jean Gebser International Conference: Community, (Wisconsin, Eau Claire, USA). XXXVI Annual International Jean Gebser Conference 18th - 21st of October 2007. Gallant A. (2006). Have You Heard of Jean Gebser: Transparency of Consciousness for Teachers. Jean Gebser International Conference: Exploring Transitions of Knowledge (Sacramento, USA), XXXV Annual International Jean Gebser Conference , October 2007. Gallant, A. (2005). An a-methodology approach to research. 1st Research Symposium on Imagination in Education, 1, (170-179) Gallant, A. (2003). The Living Dead: Secondary School Children. Third International Soul in Education Conference. Byron Bay, 27 Sept - 2 Oct. 2003. Gallant, A. (2003). Resuscitating the living dead Re Enchanting Education (National conference - La Trobe University)

Professional activities

HDR coordinator
Research Training Sub Commitee
School Executive
HDR Summer and winter school
Community- Women in Supply Chain and Tansport Women Australia LTD.


Sustaining Professional Development Through Ongoing Learning: Doing Good Work and Good With the Work, was nominated for the Carol Weinstein Best Paper Award for the Classroom Management SIG of AERA (American Education Research Association)
Faculty of Education: Stewart Fraser Award for Exemplary Thesis Writing (La Trobe)
La Trobe University Research Thesis Merit Citation University Certificate


2010 ARC Linkage Project research grant (CIs Lewis, Riley, Gallant). The project involves working with teachers in the Northern Metropolitan Region of DEECD who have attended professional development programme on classroom management. The research focus is on ways to make professional development (PD) sustainable. The research is centred around working as critical mentor with practitioners to further develop capability as part of teachers self study.

Self study - the tensions that present in peer mentoring

Early career teacher attrition

Mid career women and the failure to thrive in higher education

Emotion in School: Understanding how the Hidden Curriculum Influences Relationships, Leadership, Teaching, and Learning


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