Mr Andrew Sanigorski



Associate Research Fellow - Childhood Obesity


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Geelong Waterfront Campus



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Zebrafish embryonic lipidomic analysis reveals that the yolk cell as metabolically active in processing lipid

Mr Daniel Fraher, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Natalie Mellett, A/Prof Peter Meikle, Prof Andrew Sinclair, Dr Yann Gibert

(2016), Vol. 14, pp. 1317-1329, Cell reports, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Disruption of the class IIa HDAC corepressor complex increases energy expenditure and lipid oxidation

Ms Vidhi Gaur, Mr Timothy Connor, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Miss Sheree Martin, A/Prof Clinton Bruce, Darren C. Henstridge, Mr Simon Bond, Mr Kevin McEwen, Ms Lyndal Bayles, Dr Trent Ashton, Miss Cassandra Fleming, Min Wu, Lisa Pike Winer, Denise Chen, Gregg Hudson, John Schwabe, Keith Baar, Prof Mark Febbraio, Dr Paul Gregorevic, A/Prof Fred Pfeffer, Prof Ken Walder, Prof Mark Hargreaves, A/Prof Sean Mcgee

(2016), Vol. 16, pp. 2802-2810, Cell reports, New York, N.Y., C1


Pathways of acetyl-CoA metabolism involved in the reversal of palmitate-induced glucose production by metformin and salicylate

Bradley Hayward, Dr Juan Carlos Molero-Navajas, Dr Kelly Windmill, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, J Weir, Miss Natasha Lee McRae, Dr Kathryn Aston-Mourney, B Osborne, B Liao, Prof Ken Walder, K Meikle, Dr Nicky Konstantopoulos, Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer

(2016), Vol. 124, pp. 602-612, Experimental and clinical endocrinology and diabetes, Munich, Germany, C1


A gene expression signature for insulin resistance

Dr Nicky Konstantopoulos, Dr Torie Foletta, Dr David Segal, Kate Shields, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Dr Kelly Windmill, Mrs Courtney Swinton, Mr Timothy Connor, Mr Stephen Wanyonyi, Thomas D Dyer, Mr Richard Fahey, Rose A. Watt, Joanne Curran, Dr Juan Carlos Molero-Navajas, Dr Guy Krippner, Prof Gregory Collier, Prof David E James, John Blangero, Dr Jeremy Jowett, Prof Ken Walder

(2011), Vol. 43, pp. 110-120, Physiological genomics, Bethesda, Md., C1


Identification of secreted proteins associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes in Psammomys obesus

Dr Kristy Bolton, Dr David Segal, Dr Janine Mc Millan, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Prof Gregory Collier, Prof Ken Walder

(2009), Vol. 33, pp. 1-13, International journal of obesity, Hampshire, England, C1


Identification of novel genes expressed during rhabdomyosarcoma differentiation using cDNA microarrays

Dr Kate Carey (nee Mehan), Dr David Segal, Rueben Klein, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Prof Ken Walder, Prof Gregory Collier, A/Prof David Cameron-Smith

(2006), Vol. 56, pp. 246-255, Pathology international, Carlton South, Vic, C1


Effect of alcohol intake on muscle glycogen storage after prolonged exercise

Prof Louise Burke, Prof Gregory Collier, Elizabeth Broad, Peter G. Davis, David T. Martin, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Prof Mark Hargreaves

(2003), Vol. 95, pp. 983-990, Journal of applied physiology, Bethesada, Md., C1


Transcriptional profiling and gene discovery

Prof Gregory Collier, Dr Andrea Sanigorski, Dr Janette Tenne-Brown, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Dr David Segal, Lakshmi Kantham, Prof Ken Walder

(2003), Vol. 9, pp. 36-39, Progress in obesity research, London, England, C1


Nicotine treatment decreases food intake and body weight via a leptin-independent pathway in Psammomys obesus

Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Mr Richard Fahey, A/Prof David Cameron-Smith, Prof Gregory Collier

(2002), Vol. 4, pp. 346-350, Diabetes, obesity and metabolism, Oxford, England, C1


New approaches to gene discovery with animal models of obesity and diabetes

Prof Gregory Collier, Prof Ken Walder, Dr Andrea Sanigorski, Dr Janette Tenne-Brown, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Dr David Segal, Lakshmi Kantham, Guy Augert

(2002), Vol. 967, pp. 403-413, Annals of the New York academy of science, New York, N.Y., C1


Differential effects of exercise on insulin-signaling gene expression in human skeletal muscle.

A/Prof Glenn Wadley, Rebecca J. Tunstall, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Prof Gregory Collier, Prof Mark Hargreaves, A/Prof David Cameron-Smith

(2001), Vol. 90, pp. 436-440, Journal of applied physiology, Bethesda, Md., C1


The effect of dietary energy restriction on body weight gain and the development of noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) in Psammomys obesus

Prof Ken Walder, Carolyn Dascaliuc, A/Prof Paul Lewandowski, Mr Andrew Sanigorski, Prof Paul Zimmet, Prof Gregory Collier

(1997), Vol. 5, pp. 193-200, Obesity research, London, England, C1-1



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