Dr Anne Cloonan



Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Diploma of Teaching (Primary), University of Melbourne, 1982
Graduate Diploma in Special Education, University of Melbourne, 1987
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2007
Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2008


+61 3 925 17068

Research interests

Digital culture and its impact on English/literacy education and teacher and student learning
Participatory methodologies
Multimodality and English/literacy education


Australian Literacy Educators Association
Australian Teacher Educators Association
Australian Association for Educational Research
Primary English Teaching Association Australia

Units taught

ECL410: Teacher-researchers in new times (Bachelor of Education)

EEL702: New and traditional literacies and diverse students (Master of Education)

EPL746: Primary literacy (Master of Teaching)


Deans award for Excellence in Teaching (2009)
Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Award for Best Instructional Resource


Creative, critical, digital: Connecting home and school literacies (2014-15) Cloonan, A., Hutchison, K., Paatsch, L., Catholic Education Melbourne. $114 000.
Doing diversity (2013-15) Halse, C., Mansouri, F., Arber, R., Arrowsmith, C., Charles, C., Cloonan, A., Densen, N, Moss, J., Ohi, S., O’Mara, J., Paradis, Y., Priest, N., Australian Research Council. $630 000.
Evaluation of the professional learning flagship program (2012). Doecke, B., Moss, J., Cloonan, A., Lynch, J., O’Mara, J., Wells, M. Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. $54 000.
The Asia literate teacher (2012-13) Halse, C., Cloonan, A., Dyer, J., Kostogriz, A. and Toe, D., Asia Education Foundation/Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. $215 000.
Investigating the impact of professional learning for teachers and their students' learning (2011) Cloonan, A. Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, $50 099.
Innovative learning environments (2010-11) Blackmore, J. Bateman, D., Cloonan, A., Dixon, M. Loughlin, J., O’Mara, J., Senior, K. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria/Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, $197 524.


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