Dr Ben Richardson



Honorary Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Off-Campus (Home)


Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), Deakin University, 2004
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2008
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2009


+61 3 924 46024

Research interests

Ben's research interests cover two main areas: (i) motivations underlying drug and alcohol use and (ii) statistical methodology.



Teaching interests

Research methods

Personality and individual differences




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A person-by-situation account of why some people more frequently engage in upward appearance comparison behaviors in everyday life

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Age matters : the effect of job applicant age on hiring decisions

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(2006), pp. 345-349, Proceedings of the 2006 joint conference of the APS and NZPsS : psychology bridging the Tasman : science culture and practice, Auckland New Zealand, E1



Australian Competitive Grants

Timely intervention: Efficacy of a depression symptom monitoring smartphone app to deliver psychological intervention at time of greatest need

A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Ben Richardson, Prof Britt Klein, A/Prof David Austin, Prof Helen Austin, Prof David Castle, Prof Helen Skouteris, Dr Lucy Busija

Aust Rotary Health - Mental Health of Young Australians Research Grant

  • 2017: $43,415
  • 2016: $57,887
  • 2015: $46,096

Other Public Sector Funding

Factors predicting the use of mechanical restraint: What needs to be done to reduce and prevent its use?

A/Prof Keith Mcvilly, Dr Ben Richardson

  • 2015: $20,250
  • 2014: $82,750
  • 2013: $32,000

Supporting respite services to develop high quality support: Scoping the development of a prototype of a behaviour support plan App.

Dr Ben Richardson, A/Prof Keith Mcvilly

  • 2014: $50,152

Reducing harm, in the acute hospital setting, to people displaying symptoms associated with a neurocognitive disorder

Prof Alison Hutchinson, A/Prof Bernice Redley, Prof Tracey Bucknall, Dr Helen Rawson, Dr Ben Richardson, Adj/Prof Cheyne Chalmers, Prof Donald Campbell, Mrs Emily Tomlinson, Prof Beverly O'Connell

  • 2017: $20,025
  • 2016: $177,000

Industry and Other Funding

Evaluation of a health coaching program

Dr Ben Richardson, Ms Susie Macfarlane, A/Prof Petra Staiger

  • 2011: $3,000
  • 2009: $7,448

Workplace drug and alcohol interventions: a research collaboration between the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) and Deakin University

A/Prof Kathryn Von Treuer, Prof John Toumbourou, Dr Arlene Walker, Dr Ben Richardson, Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz

  • 2012: $43,900

Evaluation of research project titled Newly Arrived AOD Services (NAAODS)

Dr Ben Richardson, Prof Helen Skouteris, A/Prof Petra Staiger

  • 2014: $14,200
  • 2013: $38,000

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index (AUWI): Adult Survey 32.0 and Teen Pulse Pilot Study

Dr Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Craig Olsson, Prof Gregory Tooley, Prof Robert Cummins, Dr Ben Richardson, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Linda Hartley-Clark, Ms Tanja Capic, Prof Brendan Crotty

  • 2015: $186,800

Australian Unity Wellbeing Index and Young Carer Wellbeing Project

Dr Delyse Hutchinson, Prof Craig Olsson, Dr Ben Richardson, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Dr Linda Hartley-Clark, Ms Tanja Capic, Prof Nicole Rinehart, Ms Nicole Papadopoulos, Prof Robert Cummins

  • 2017: $99,963
  • 2016: $291,031


Principal Supervisor

Paul Matthew Beaton

Thesis entitled: Exploring the Role of Context in Young Adults¿ Drinking Motives

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology

Associate Supervisor

Adrian Schulz

Thesis entitled: Fatherhood and Psychological Distress: Paternal Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in the Perinatal Period

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology


Linda Hartley-Clark

Thesis entitled: Investigating the Affective Core of SWB: the Circular Way

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), School of Psychology


Lauren Hamilton

Thesis entitled: Overall Life Quality in Vasovagal Syncope

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology


Catherine Kelly

Thesis entitled: Drinking Motives Mediating Alcohol Outcomes of Social Anxiety and Depression

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology