Dr Ben Richardson



Honorary Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Off-Campus (Home)


Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), Deakin University, 2004
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2008
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2009


Research interests

Ben's research interests cover two main areas: (i) motivations underlying drug and alcohol use and (ii) statistical methodology.



Teaching interests

Research methods

Personality and individual differences




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Substance use, offending, and participation in alcohol and drug treatment programmes: a comparison of prisoners with and without Intellectual disabilities

Dr Cadeyrn Gaskin, Ms Danielle Newton, Dr Ben Richardson

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Is alcohol and community sport a good mix? Alcohol management, consumption and social capital in community sports clubs

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Towards a conceptual framework on the categorization of stereotypical perceptions in accounting

Mr Peter David Richardson, A/Prof Steven Dellaportas, Dr Luckmika Perera, Dr Ben Richardson

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The inter-relationship between depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms in fathers during the antenatal period

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Does body satisfaction influence self-esteem in adolescents' daily lives? An experience sampling study

A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Prof Marita Mc Cabe, Prof Helen Skouteris, Dr Ben Richardson, Mrs Kristy Nihill, Miss Brittany Watson, Daniel Solomon

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Modifying the risk associated with an impulsive temperament: a prospective study of drug dependence treatment

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Creating high challenge/high support academic environments through constructive alignment: student outcomes

Ms Helen Larkin, Dr Ben Richardson

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Fathers’ mental health during the ante and postnatal periods : knowledge, recommendations and interventions

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Confirmatory factor analyses of the children’s attitudes and behaviors towards animals scale in two eastern cultural contexts

Jessica Wong, Prof David Mellor, Xiaoyan Xu, Dr Ben Richardson

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Overlooked and underestimated? Problematic alcohol use in clients recovering from drug dependence

A/Prof Petra Staiger, Dr Ben Richardson, Ms Caroline Long, Victoria Carr, G. Alan Marlatt

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Students' perceptions on using iPods in accounting education : a mobile-learning experience

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Aspects of parenting and family functioning associated with obesity in adolescent refugees and migrants from African backgrounds living in Australia

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Resident well‐being, community connections, and neighbourhood perceptions, pride, and opportunities among disadvantage metropolitan and regional communities : evidence from the neighbourhood renewal project.

Dr Andre Renzaho, Dr Ben Richardson, Dr Claudia Strugnell

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M-learning in an off-campus environment : using iPods in accounting education

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Learning from a distance : the experience of remote students

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Age matters : the effect of job applicant age on hiring decisions

Dr Ben Richardson, Dr Lynne Webber, Dr Kaye Smith, Dr Janine Mcguinness

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