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Dr Ben Whitburn



Lecturer In Education (Inclusive Education)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Master of Education, , 2002
Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2015

+61 3 924 45221


Dr Ben Whitburn is an early career researcher and lecturer in inclusive education in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University. Ben's background in education extends more than ten years teaching students with and without disabilities of secondary and higher education. Ben has been involved in developing and delivering the inclusive education pathways units of the Master of Teaching at Deakin University. As a disabled scholar, Ben examines inclusive education policy and practice for its capacity to promote equal opportunities for young people with disabilities. Drawing on the perspectives of people who live with disability, Ben's research seeks to develop inclusive practice in education that addresses in particular inaccessible built and online learning environments, pedagogy and social marginalisation. Ben has a published record of research in the field of inclusive education for which he was the recipient of the American Educational Research Association’s Disability Studies in Education Junior Scholar Award in 2014. Ben is a member of REDI (Research for Educational Impact) in the School of Education.

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Research interests

Schooling experiences; disability studies; policy enactment; inclusive pedagogy; poststructural representation.

Teaching interests

Inclusive education; Research methods

Knowledge areas

Inclusive pedagogies; Disability studies; policy; critical theory


Junior Scholar Award July 2014
-American Educational Research Association’s special interest group in Disability Studies in Education. Presented at:  Learning from the past. Ensuring the future conference, July 25-27, 2014.  Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Finalist, Deakin University 3 minute Thesis competition, 2014.


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