Prof Bernie Marshall



Dean of Students


Office of DVC (Education)


Office of DVC (Education)


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Science, Monash University, 1974
Master of Public Health, Deakin University, 2001


Research interests

Over the last 15 years, Professor Marshall has undertaken a major role in health promotion workforce capacity building in Victoria, and in developing health promotion strategic and program planning within the primary health care sector. This has involved workforce training in health promotion; mentoring health professionals; developing frameworks for effective health promotion program planning and evaluation; and supporting networks and alliances to better plan, deliver and evaluate health promotion programs at district and regional levels. Organisations and programs involved in this work have included community health services, womens health, local government, Divisions of General Practice, school nursing services, drug and alcohol programs, mental health services, neighbourhood renewal programs, youth services, primary care partnerships, sexual health services, and a broad range of non-government organisations. Over the past three years, he has developed two leadership and capacity building programs for the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation. The first related to primary prevention of violence against women, for which he received the 2010 VicHealth Award for Participation and Skill Development. The second program is in the area of reducing race-based discrimination and promoting diversity in the community.

He has also worked for a number of years with the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health in Vietnam to increase health promotion capacity within that country. This has focussed on working with a broad range of sectors, including health, education, agriculture, police, urban and rural development, transport, and mass organisations (such as the Womens Union and the Youth Union) to develop greater understanding of, and skills in, health promotion, and to increase partnerships between these sectors around identified priority health issues.

Professor Marshall has also worked in the area of school health for nearly 25 years, originally from within the education sector as a consultant in health education and curriculum development. Since joining Deakin, he has undertaken a broad range of research and consultancies in school health.


International Education Association of Australia

National Tertiary Education Union

Australian Health Promoting Schools Association (National Vice President)

Australian Health Promotion Association

International Union of Health Promotion and Education

Teaching interests

Unit Chair of:

HSH701 Principles and Practice of Public Health, and

HSH360/760 International Perspectives in Health and Social Development


Professor Marshall is involved in a wide range of University, Faculty and School committees, including University Teaching and Learning Committee, Legislation Committee, University Appeals Committee, Faculty Executive Group, Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee, Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee, Faculty Admissions, Access and Equity Committee, Faculty Research and Research Training Committee, and School of Health and Social Development Executive Group.

Professor Marshall is a member of the Editorial Board of Health Education (UK) and is a regular reviewer for a number of international academic journals. He is also a reviewer for the Office of Learning and Teaching Innovation and Development grants program.


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