Dr Claudia Strugnell



Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Geelong Waterfront Campus


Biography summary

Claudia Strugnell is a Reseach Fellow within the Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE), a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention at Deakin University.  Claudia's research centres around the umbrella of child and adolescent obesity; with a particular focus on community-based systems interventions, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, diet quality, body composition, sleep behaviours and wellbeing among youth.

Claudia is currently the Director of Monitoring and Co-Stream Leader of the Obesity and Risk Factor Monitoring Stream within GLOBE.  In this position, Claudia has focussed on the establishement of low cost, routine, high participatory and measured childhood obesity and risk factor monitoring systems among school-children.  Key projects include the Healthy Together Victoria and Childhood Obesity study, the Whole of System Trial of Prevention Strategies for childhood obesity: WHO STOPS childhood obesity study and the RESPOND: Reflexive Evidence and Systems Interventions to Prevent Obesity and Non-Communicable Disease study.

Research interests

Child and adolescent physical activity, sedentary behaviour and diet quality

Child and adolescent overweight and obesity and central obesity

Socio-cultural influences on physical activity and sedentary behaviour participation and dietary intake

Whole of community systems interventions to prevent childhood obesity

Teaching interests

Claudia has been involved in teaching several units at the undergraduate and post-graduate level in the areas of obesity prevention, physical activity and nutritional assessment. In 2013, Claudia was the Honours Co-Course Leader in the School of Health and Social Development.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Healthy Together Kids Evaluation

Prof Steven Allender, Dr Claudia Strugnell, Dr Lynne Millar

NHF Vanguard Grant - National Heart Foundation of Australia

  • 2014: $74,812

Other Public Sector Funding

Food environment inequalities and obesity in Victorian Growth Areas, from paddock to shopping centre gate

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Prof Steven Allender, A/Prof Gary Sacks, A/Prof Liliana Orellana, Mrs Cindy Needham

  • 2018: $90,000

Campbelltown Changing our Future: A whole of systems approach to childhood obesity in south western Sydney

Prof Steven Allender, Mr Andrew Brown, Dr Josh Hayward, Dr Claudia Strugnell, Mr Nic Crooks

  • 2018: $252,248

Industry and Other Funding

Greater Shepparton's Primary School Health Behaviours Monitoring Proposal

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Prof Steven Allender

  • 2016: $29,755

Evaluation of the amended Victorian Achievement Program for schools - Pilot study of outcomes for teachers

Prof Anna Peeters, A/Prof Liliana Orellana, Prof Tony LaMontagne, Ms Melanie Nichols, Dr Claudia Strugnell, Ms Victoria Brown, Mr Nic Crooks

  • 2018: $40,000

Childhood Advocacy Monitoring Project

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Mr Nic Crooks, Prof Steven Allender

  • 2018: $174,831

Translate a community-based and 'systems informed' childhood obesity intervention.

Dr Claudia Strugnell, Prof Steven Allender, Dr Melanie Nichols, Prof Anna Peeters, Prof Colin Bell, Prof Marj Moodie, A/Prof Liliana Orellana, Dr Josh Hayward, Mr Andrew Brown

  • 2018: $70,000


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