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Dr Danielle Tyson is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences at Deakin University and a graduate of La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia (BA Hons in Legal Studies) and the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (PhD in Criminology). Prior to Deakin, she taught at Monash University (2007 – 2016), the University of Brighton, England (2002-2003), and the University of Melbourne (2004 – 2006) and La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia (2007). She has published and presented papers at conferences nationally and overseas on domestic homicide; homicide law reform; filicide in in the context of separation and divorce; feminist judging and sentencing; and sentencing and mental health. She spent a brief time as a visiting scholar at the Centre in the Centre for the Study of Social and Legal Responses to Violence (#csslrv) at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 2010 (go to:

Dr Danielle Tyson's research takes an evidence based and broadly socio-legal approach to examining issues of gender, intimate partner violence, domestic homicide, sentencing, mental health and homicide law reform.

Dr Tyson is Co-Director of the Monash Deakin Filicide Research Hub and Co-Facilitator of the 3rd Addressing Filicide: Third International Conference – Building Bridges of Knowledge to Intervention Models for Combatting Filicide to be held at the Monash Prato Centre, Tuscany, Italy, 14-15 June 2017.

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Career highlights

Dr Tyson has just co-authored an edited collection entitled When Parents Kill Children: Understanding Filicide with Professor Thea Brown and Dr Paula Fernandez Arias (2018, Palgrave).

In 2014, Danielle was awarded a highly prestigious Criminology Research Council grant (2015-2016) with Emeritus Professor Thea Brown (Monash Social Work) and the Australian Institute of Criminology to produce the first ever National Report on Filicide: Filicide in Australia, 2000 - 2012: A National Report.

Dr Tyson is the author of Sex, Culpability and the Defence of Provocation (2013, Routledge), which was shortlisted for the Hart Socio-Legal Book Prize in 2013. Read a review of Danielle's book here.

Research interests

Legal responses to domestic violence/violence against women and children

Filicide in the context of separation

Gender, sentencing and punishment

Social Framework (Context) Evidence

Feminist Legal Theory

Feminist Criminology

Crime and the Media

Qualitative Research Methods


• The Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology
• The Socio-Legal Studies Association
• The Homicide Research Working Group
• The Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc.

Knowledge areas

Legal responses to domestic homicide, Filicide in the Context of Separation, Homicide Law Reform, Gender, Judging and Sentencing, Crime and the Media, Qualitative Research Methods


Dr Danielle Tyson has presented the findings of her research at national and international conferences including the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference, the International Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference, the Social & Legal Studies Association (UK), the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Conference (USA) and the Addressing Filicide International Conference (Italy). Dr Tyson has also presented the findings of her research to the Judical College of Victoria, the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Australasian Insitute of Judicial Administration.


Dr Tyson is currently involved in a number of collaborative research projects including:

Gender, Sentencing and Mental Health in Domestic Homicide Cases (with Professor Rosemary Hunter, Queen Mary of London University).

Gender, Filicide and Punishment (with Professor Myrna Dawson, University of Guelph).

Homicide and Mental Health (with Dr Asher Flynn and Madeleine Ulbrick, Monash University).

Completed projects:

  • Filicide in Australia, 2000 – 2012: A National Report (forthcoming 2018) (co-authored with Professor Thea Brown, Dr Paula Fernandez Arias, Social Work, Monash University; Dr Adam Tomison, Samantha Lyneham, Samantha Bricknell and Willow Bryant, Australian Institute of Criminology). This project was funded by the Criminal Research Council (CRG 52/14-15).The findings of this research have been published in a Special Themed Issue of the international journal Child Abuse Review and the co-authored report, Filicide in Australia, 2000 - 2012: A National Study (forthcoming 2018, Australian Institute of Criminology).
  • 2013-2016 Improving Legal Responses to Intimate Partner Homicide (with Associate Professor Bronwyn Naylor, Graduate School of Law, RMIT; Dr Debbie Kirkwood and Mandy McKenzie, formerly with the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria). This project was funded by the Legal Services Board Victoria (2013-MG019 $148,590 over two years).
  • 2013 Youth, Mobile Technologies and Gender Politics: Young People’s Beliefs About Gender and Ethical Use of Communication Technologies, Monash University Faculty of Arts Research Project Fund Grant Program (Dr Danielle Tyson, Criminology; Dr Amy Dobson, Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research and Dr Mary Louise Rasmussen, Faculty of Education).
  • 2012-2013 Blood on Whose Hands II: The Killing of Women and Children in Australia, Victorian Women’s Trust 2010/11 General Grants Program ($20,000).
  • 2009-2010 Provision of Research into Family Violence Since the 2006 Family Law Reforms, Attorney General’s Department Tender. (Professor T Brown, Dr B Batagol, Dr A Sifris and Dr D Tyson, Monash University. Associate Professor D Bagshaw, Dr S Wendt, Dr E McInness and Dr A Campbell, University of South Australia. Dr B Tinning, James Cook University and Associate Professor C Power, Flinders University). This research was published in a two-volume report (2010) Family Violence and Family Law in Australia: The Experiences and Views of Children and Adults from Families who Separated Post-1995 and Post-2006, Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra.
  • 2009 Mental Health, Filicide and Parental Separation and Divorce, Victoria 1997-2007: The Need for Intervention and a Better Coordinated Approach, Cross-Faculty Funded Project, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Medicine, Monash University (with Professor Thea Brown, Social Work, Monash University).
  • 2008: Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth National competitive seed-funding grant for ‘The wellbeing of children following parental separation and divorce’. The project was led by Professor Thea Brown, Department of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Filicide in Australia, 2000-2012: A National Report

Prof Thea Brown, Dr Danielle Tyson

  • 2016: $12,433

Strikeforce Parrabell Project

Dr Danielle Tyson

  • 2017: $3,200


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