AsPr David Austin



Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Monash University, 1992
Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies, Deakin University, 1998
Graduate Diploma of Applied Science, University of Ballarat, 1999
Doctor of Psychology, Monash University, 2006
GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2015

+61 3 925 17227

Research interests

eTherapy: The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to advance and support psychological service delivery is a massive growth area. As the ICT becomes more prevalent, accessible and capable, there emerge wonderful opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes. Best practice psychological service delivery of the very near future will integrate internet-based models of delivering psychoeducation, assessment and referral, treatment, management, monitoring, relapse prevention, and health maintenance/promotion/prevention.

The biology of Autism: Our understanding of Autism from cognitive and behavioural perspectives has advanced significantly in recent decades, however, the understanding of what the biological mechanisms are that characterise and, indeed, cause the condition (and consequently what biological treatments might prove to be effective) are very poorly understood.

Teaching interests


Cognitive behavioural therapy

Treatment of mood and anxiety disorders

Autism spectrum disorders


The use of information and communication technologies in psychological service delivery


Nguyen D., Klein, B., Meyer, D., & Austin, D. (2012). The Validity and User Experience of an Online Clinical Diagnostic Assessment System. Medicine 2.0, Boston, USA.

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Austin, D. W. (2010). Cyberethics for cyberpsychology: Emerging issues from International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia.

Austin, D. W., & Abbbott, J. (2010). How frequency and form of therapist support impacts on the effectiveness, user experience and accessibility of online mental health interventions. International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia.

Austin, D. W. (2009). The Biology of Autism: Redefining the Condition, its Assessment and Treatment, Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research. Canberra, Australia.


Vice-Chancellors Award for Community Engagement (2010): Whiz Kid Games (

Premiers Design Award (2010): WhizKid Games

Premiers Recognition Mark (2010): WhizKid Games

2010 Melbourne Advertising & Design Club, Best Online Game: WhizKid Games

2010 Web Marketing Association Award, Education Standard of Excellence: WhizKid Games

2010 Web Marketing Association Award, Health Care Standard of Excellence: WhizKid Games