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Measuring the burden of surgical disease averted by emergency and essential surgical care in a district hospital in Papua New Guinea

Prof Glenn Guest, Prof David Watters

(2017), Vol. 41, pp. 650-659, World journal of surgery, New York, N.Y., C1


The establishment and development of neurosurgery services in Papua New Guinea

W. Matui Kaptigau, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Ikau Kevau, Prof David Watters

(2016), Vol. 40, pp. 251-257, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Assessment of acute burn management in 32 low- and middle-income countries

Krishan Joseph, Abhishek Trehan, Meena Cherian, Edward Kelley, Prof David Watters

(2016), Vol. 40, pp. 791-800, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Global Surgery 2030: evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development.

John Meara, Andrew Leather, Lars Hagander, Blake Alkire, Nivaldo Alonso, Emmanuel Ameh, Stephen Bickler, Lesong Conteh, Anna Dare, Justine Davies, Eunice Merisier, Shenaaz El-Halabi, Paul Farmer, Atul Gawande, Rowan Gillies, Sarah Greenberg, Caris Grimes, Russell Gruen, Edna Ismail, Thaim Kamara, Chris Lavy, Ganbold Lundeg, Nyengo Mkandawire, Nakul Raykar, Johanna Riesel, Edgar Rodas, John Rose, Nobhojit Roy, Mark Shrime, Richard Sullivan, Stephane Verguet, Prof David Watters, Thomas Weiser, Iain Wilson, Gavin Yamey, Winnie Yip

(2016), Vol. 25, pp. 75-78, International journal of obstetric anesthesia, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands, C1-1


Clinical events reported by surgeons assessing their peers

Therese Rey-Conde, Arkadiusz P Wysocki, John B North, Jennifer Allen, Robert S. Ware, Prof David Watters

(2016), Vol. 212, pp. 748-754, American journal of surgery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Perioperative mortality rates in Australian public hospitals : the influence of age, gender and urgency

Prof David Watters, Wendy Babidge, Andreas Kiermeier, Glenn McCulloch, Guy Maddern

(2016), Vol. 40, pp. 2591-2597, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Bellwether procedures for monitoring and planning essential surgical care in low- and middle-income countries: caesarean delivery, laparotomy and treatment of open fractures

kathleen O Neill, Sarah Greenberg, Meena Cherian, Rowan Gillies, Kimberly daniels, Nobhojit Roy, Nakul Raykar, Johanna Riesel, david Spiegel, Prof David Watters, Russell Gruen

(2016), Vol. 40, pp. 2611-2619, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Wound management in disaster settings

Prasit Wuthisuthimethawee, Samuel Lindquist, Nicola Sandler, Ornella Clavisi, Stephanie Korin, Prof David Watters, Russell Gruen

(2015), Vol. 39, pp. 842-853, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Perioperative Mortality Rate (POMR): a global indicator of access to safe surgery and anaesthesia

Prof David Watters, Michael Hollands, Russell Gruen, Kiki Maoate, Haydn Perndt, Robert McDougall, Wayne Morriss, Viliami Tangi, Kathleen Casey, Kelly McQueen

(2015), Vol. 39, pp. 856-864, World journal of surgery, Berlin, Germany, C1


Toward a standard approach to measurement and reporting of perioperative mortality rate as a global indicator for surgery

Roshan Ariyaratnam, Charlotta Palmqvist, Phil Hider, Grant Laing, Douglas A. Stupart, Leona Wilson, Damian Clarke, Lars Hagander, Prof David Watters, Russell Gruen

(2015), Vol. 158, pp. 17-26, Surgery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Colorectal multidisciplinary meetings: how do they affect the timeliness of treatment?

Zoran Nikolovski, Prof David Watters, Mr Douglas Stupart, Prof Glenn Guest

(2015), Vol. In press, pp. 1-4, ANZ journal of surgery, Weinheim, Germany, C1


Colorectal preOperative surgical score (CrOSS) for mortality in major colorectal surgery

Cherng Kong, Prof Glenn Guest, Mr Douglas Stupart, Ian Faragher, Steven Chan, Prof David Watters

(2015), Vol. 85, pp. 403-407, ANZ journal of surgery, North Melbourne, Vic., C1


Global cancer surgery : delivering safe, affordable, and timely cancer surgery

Richard Sullivan, Olusegun Isaac Alatise, Benjamin Anderson, Riccardo Audisio, Philippe Autier, Ajay Aggarwal, Charles Balch, Murray F Brennan, Anna Dare, Anil DCruz, Alexander Eggermont, Kenneth Fleming, Serigne Magueye Gueye, Lars Hagander, Cristian A Herrera, Hampus Holmer, Andre M Ilbawi, Anton Jarnheimer, Jia-fu Ji, T Peter Kingham, Jonathan Liberman, Andrew Leather, John Meara, Swagoto Mukhopadhyay, Shilpa S Murthy, Sherif Omar, Groesbeck Parham, C S Pramesh, Robert Riviello, Danielle Rodin, Luiz Santini, Shailesh V Shrikhande, Mark Shrime, Robert Thomas, Audrey Tsunoda, Cornelis van de Velde, Umberto Veronesi, Dehannathparambil Kottarathil Vijaykumar, Prof David Watters, Shan Wang, Yi-Long Wu, Moez Zeiton, Arnie Purushotham

(2015), Vol. 16, pp. 1193-1224, Lancet oncology, London, Eng., C1


Comparing mortality outcomes of major burns and toxic epidermal necrolysis in a tertiary burns centre

Mr Patrick David Mahar, Mr Jason Wasiak, Paul Eldho, Prof David Watters, Julia Kirby, A/Prof Douglas Gin, Philip Marsh, Miss Heather Cleland

(2014), Vol. 40, pp. 1743-1747, Burns, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Secondary bacterial infection and empirical antibiotic use in toxic epidermal necrolysis patients

Mr Patrick David Mahar, Mr Jason Wasiak, Miss Heather Cleland, Paul Eldho, A/Prof Douglas Gin, Prof David Watters, Philip Marsh, Alexander Padiglione

(2014), Vol. 35, pp. 518-524, Journal of burn care & research, Baltimore, MD, C1


A systematic review of the management and outcome of toxic epidermal necrolysis treated in burns centres

Mr Patrick David Mahar, Mr Jason Wasiak, Belinda Hii, Miss Heather Cleland, Prof David Watters, A/Prof Douglas Gin, Anneliese Spinks

(2014), Vol. 40, pp. 1245-1254, Burns, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Evaluation of the medium-term outcomes and impact of the Rowan Nicks Scholarship Programme

John Masterton, Daliah Moss, Stephanie Korin, Prof David Watters

(2014), Vol. 84, pp. 110-116, ANZ journal of surgery, London, Eng., C1


The prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency in a random sample from the Australian population

Dr Eileen Moore, Prof Julie Pasco, A/Prof Alastair Mander, Kerrie Margaret Sanders, A/Prof Ross Carne, Nicole Jenkins, Marion Black, Hans G. Schneider, David Ames, Prof David Watters

(2014), Vol. 3, pp. 95-100, Journal of investigational biochemistry, Ann Arbor, MI, C1


Among vitamin B12 deficient older people, high folate levels are associated with worse cognitive function: combined data from three cohorts

Dr Eileen Moore, David Ames, A/Prof Alastair Mander, A/Prof Ross Carne, Henry Brodaty, Michael Woodward, Karyn Boundy, Dr Kathryn Ellis, Ashley I Bush, Noel Faux, Ralph Martins, Colin L Masters, Christopher Rowe, Cassandra Szoeke, Prof David Watters

(2014), Vol. 39, pp. 661-668, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Dedicated emergency theatres improve service delivery and surgeons' job satisfaction

Douglas A. Stupart, Prof David Watters, Prof Glenn Guest, Vanessa Cuthbert, Shannon Ryan

(2013), Vol. 83, pp. 549-553, ANZ journal of surgery, Richmond, Vic., C1


Mortality and use of the auxiliary score in extensive toxic epidermal necrolysis patients admitted to an adult burns referral centre

Mr Patrick David Mahar, Mr Jason Wasiak, Miss Heather Cleland, Prof David Watters, Paul Eldho, Philip Marsh, A/Prof Douglas Gin

(2013), Vol. 227, pp. 180-185, Dermatology, Basel, Switzerland, C1-1


Three phases of the Pacific Islands Project (1995–2010)

Prof David Watters, Hamish Ewing, Eddie McCaig

(2012), Vol. 82, pp. 318-324, ANZ journal of surgery, Richmond, Vic., C1


Cognitive impairment and vitamin B12 : a review

Dr Eileen Moore, Alistair G. Mander, David Ames, A/Prof Ross Carne, Kerrie Margaret Sanders, Prof David Watters

(2012), Vol. 24, pp. 541-548, International psychogeriatrics, Cambridge, England, C1


Stitches in time : two centuries of surgery in Papua New Guinea

Prof David Watters, Anna Koestenbauer

(2011), United States of America, A1



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Principal Supervisor

Douglas Annesley Stupart

Thesis entitled: Lynch Syndrome: Natural History and Colonoscopic Surveillance

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine

Patrick David Mahar

Thesis entitled: Toxic epidermal necrolysis: Factors associated with mortality in adult Victorian burns-centre treated patients

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine