AsPr Diane Phillips



Associate Professor


Faculty of Health


School of Nursing and Midwif.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Registered Nurse, Victorian Nursing Council, 1970
Certificate in Midwifery, Royal Womens Hospital, 1971
Cardiac Nursing Course, Alfred Hospital, 1975
Bachelor of Applied Science (Advanced Nursing), Lincoln Inst. of Health Sci., 1988
Master of Education, University of Melbourne, 1991
Doctor of Education, University of Melbourne, 2003


Research interests

Dr Phillips research interests include professional education, women's health including pregnancy, labour and birth; women who use substances (illicit drugs, alcohol and tobacco) during pregnancy.


Member of the Australian College of Midwives

Committee member of the 'Midwifery Education Standards Advisory committee (MESAC)

Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing Australia

Member of PSANZ (Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand)

Teaching interests

Teaching in the postgraduate course of the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery for topics related to the care of women throughout all phases of childbearing and the care of the newborn infant.

Teaching in the Master of Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner) on the contemporary role of the Nurse Practitioner including leadership.


Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence, 2009

Australian Learning & Teaching Council - Australian Awards for University Teaching: 2011 Citations for OutstandingContributions to Student Learning.


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Principal Supervisor

Ann Marie Dunk

Thesis entitled: Exploring Known Risk Factors for Pressure Injury with Visual Technology

Master of Nursing, School of Nursing & Midwifery

Associate Supervisor

Sherrie Bade

Thesis entitled: Women's Path-finding; Recovery from Substance Use: A Critical Feminist Study

Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing), School of Nursing & Midwifery