Dr George Aranda



Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


Faculty of Arts and Education


REDI Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Swinburne Univ. of Technology, 2008


Dr George Aranda is a former cognitive neuroscientist who has moved from the world of brains to science education research and science communication.

Now researching and teaching at Deakin University, he has broad interests in writing, social networking modes of communication, podcasting, science communication videos and understanding how scientists and their work are perceived in the world.

He is also interested in how science books can be involved with science engagement. He has been conducting research into science book clubs, he runs Big Ideas Book Club in Melbourne and is the curator of Science Book a Day.

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Current Projects:

Research Fellow:
EQUALPRIME - Exploring quality primary education in different cultures: a cross-national study of teaching and learning

Summary: This project uses video studies of primary science classrooms in Australia, Taiwan, and Germany to explore teaching and learning practices, situated in diverse cultures, which provide opportunities for quality reasoning and learning in science. The findings will inform primary science teacher education to improve student achievement.

Project Website

CRISP - Creating Representations in Science Pedagogy

Summary: This is an Australian Research Council funded project which is investigating the quality of science learning occurring through a representation-construction pedagogy, supported by students’ use of digital technologies, and new approaches to assessment and teacher professional learning. The pedagogy involves students generating, negotiating and evaluating multimodal representations as resources for reasoning and learning relating to the key dimensions of the Australian Science curriculum. It will investigate re-framing assessment around students’ developing representational capabilities to support and monitor student learning. School based action-learning teams in NSW and Victoria will extend and refine the pedagogy to inform curriculum policy aimed at student engagement with science.

Project Website

Recently Completed Projects:

- Learning Outcomes and Learning Spaces
- Innovative Learning Environments
- Redesigning Learning Spaces
- Collaborative Literacy Learning Communities (CLLC) Research Report

Chief Investigator:
Science Book Clubs: A Case Study


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Expert teachers’ discursive moves in science classroom interactive talk

Prof Russell Tytler, Dr George Aranda

(2015), Vol. 13, pp. 425-446, International journal of science and mathematics education, Berlin, Germany, C1