Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan



Senior Research Fellow (Health Economics)


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Master in Public Health, University of Melbourne, 2005



Jaithri Ananthapavan is a Senior Research Fellow in the Obesity stream of Deakin Health Economics. Her focus of research is the cost-effectiveness of obesity prevention interventions and methods development for the use of Cost-Benefit Analysis to capture the inter-sectoral impacts of preventive interventions.
Jaithri is currently co-coordinating the health economics component of the NHMRC Centre for Excellence in Obesity Policy and Food Systems, which is investigating the cost-effectiveness of 40 non-health sector obesity prevention interventions.
Jaithri completed her MPH at the University of Melbourne in 2005 and prior to that was a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist. Prior to joining DHE, Jaithri worked in Health Economics consulting where she gained extensive experience in economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures including expertise in the development of de novo economic models in several clinical areas.

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Research interests

Health Economics

Economic Evaluation of obesity prevention and treatment interventions

Methods development in Cost Benefit Analysis for preventive interventions

Teaching interests

Health Economics

Economic Evaluation

Resource Allocation and Priority Setting

Units taught

HSH762 - Resource Allocation and Priority Setting - Co-unit chair

Knowledge areas

Health Economics

Economic Evaluation

Economics of Obesity


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

The development of a CBA framework integrating the intersectoral benefits of prevention interventions

Prof Rob Carter, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan

NHMRC Partnership Centre for Better Health

  • 2017: $79,667
  • 2016: $40,000

Other Public Sector Funding

Economic Appraisal of NSW Get Healthy Service

Prof Rob Carter, Prof Marj Moodie, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan, Ms Anne Magnus

  • 2014: $27,271

The health and economic value of prevention: Assessing the benefits of reducing the prevalence of high BMI, low fruit and vegetable intake and physical inactivity in the ACT

Prof Marj Moodie, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan, Ms Anne Magnus

  • 2016: $10,000
  • 2015: $50,800

The health and related economic benefits of providing better tasting water

Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan, Mrs Phuong Nguyen, Prof Marj Moodie, Prof Steven Allender

  • 2018: $12,700

Industry and Other Funding

The economic and health benefits of reaching COAG risk factor benchmarks in Victoria

Ms Anne Magnus, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan, Prof Rob Carter

  • 2014: $59,500

The health and economic value of prevention: Assessing the benefits of reducing the prevalence of physical inactivity in Australia

Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan, Prof Marj Moodie, Ms Anne Magnus

  • 2014: $16,159

Australian Prevention Partnership Centre - Integrating the health economics component of the simulation model for prevention of alcohol related harms

Prof Rob Carter, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan

  • 2016: $10,601

Measuring economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity

Prof Marj Moodie, Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan

  • 2016: $10,791


No completed student supervisions to report