Prof Ken Parry



Professor In Leadership


Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 1998

+61 3 924 45530


Ken Parry FAIM  FAHRI  FLTF  FANZAM  is a Professor of Leadership Studies and co-Director of the Deakin Leadership Centre at Deakin University. Prior to that he held Professorial positions at Bond and Griffith Universities, and was Founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Leadership in Wellington, New Zealand.  He has researched, studied and consulted in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe and South-East Asia.  He has written or edited 8 books, mainly on the topic of leadership.  His most recent book is the second edition of A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Leadership, co-authored with Brad Jackson; published in four languages.  Ken was Founding Editor of the Journal of Management & Organization, the research journal of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. Ken has had nine years of experience in manufacturing industry as an inventory manager prior to entering academia.  He has addressed the Senior Executive Service of the Australian Public Service at the National Press Club.  He is widely used as a speaker at professional conferences and industry events.

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Research interests

  • Leadership
  • Qualitative methods
  • Charisma
  • Critical methods
  • Leadership development


Professional Qualifications:

  • FIML Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders
  • FAHRI Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute     
  • FLTF Fellow of the Leadership Trust Foundation, UK
  • FANZAM Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management

Teaching interests

at Masters level ...

  • Leadership
  • Organizational behaviour

Knowledge areas

  • Leadership CEO leadership and succession
  • Qualitative methods
  • Critical leadership studies
  • Art and drama of leadership

Research groups

Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI); administered by Professor Steve Kempster of the Lancaster Leadership Centre,and under the umbrella of the International Leadership Association (ILA).



  1. 2012  Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award - School of Business - S3 2011 – Bond University
  2. 2012  Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Research Contributions – 2011 – Bond university
  3. 2011  University Research Award for Publications - Bond University, Australia
  4. 2009  Stream Best Paper award for Organizational Change stream at ANZAM annual conference, Melbourne, Australia
  5. 2009  Outstanding Research Contributions Award 2009 - Bond University, Australia
  6. 2008  Stream Best Paper award for Research Methods stream at ANZAM annual conference, Auckland, New Zealand
  7. 2008   Stream Best Paper award for the Research Methods stream at European Academy of Management (EURAM) annual conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  8. 2006   Winner of the Monica M Lee Research Excellence Award 2005  for most outstanding article in the 2005 volume of the journal, awarded for   Parry, K. W. & Sinha, P. (2005). Researching the Trainability of Transformational Organisational Leadership. Human Resource Development International, 8(2), 165-183.  Awarded by the US-based Academy of Human Resource Development.
  9. 2005   Best Article finalist in The Leadership Quarterly journal    for    Kan & Parry (2004). Identifying paradox: A grounded theory of leadership in overcoming resistance to change, 15(4), 467-491.
  10. 2004   Best Paper Runner-Up and Stream Best Paper award at the ANZAM Annual Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand; out of 341 papers.
  11. 2003   Stream Best Paper award at the ANZAM Annual Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia; out of 20 papers.
  12. 2002   Conference Best Paper award at the ANZAM Annual Conference, Beechworth, Victoria; out of 126 refereed papers.
  13. 2000   Best paper finalist (11 from 100+) at Fourth International Organizational Discourse Conference, London, July.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

No Funded Projects at Deakin found


Principal Supervisor

Ian Michael Bower

Thesis entitled: Role Fluidity: A Grounded Theory Study of Distributed Leadership in Business Teams

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Management