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Kristine Moruzi is a lecturer and research fellow from Calgary, Canada. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and worked in the IT industry before completing her MA at Simon Fraser University and her PhD at the University of Melbourne.

Following a two-year Grant Notley Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta, she returned to Melbourne (the weather is so much nicer!) and now works at Deakin University

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Research interests

Kristine’s research interests include: children’s and young adult literature; Victorian literature; girls’ studies; colonial literature; and philanthropy. 

Teaching interests

Kristine teaches in the Children’s Literature major and in Literary Studies.


Recent conference presentations include: 

“‘Canada, the blest – the free!’ The Canadian Colonial Environment.” Australasian Victorian Studies Association. Feb. 6-8, 2013. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“‘Oh! Horror!’: Children, World War I and Canadian Print Culture.” Seminar Series – School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne. Oct. 24, 2012. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“British Inheritances in Canadian Girls’ Print Culture: Pleasant Hours (1926-9) and The Canadian Girl (1930-1).” Colonial Girlhood/Colonial Girls. June 13-15, 2012. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

“Roundtable: The Friendly Giant’s ‘Empty Chair’: The Missing Histories of Canadian Children’s Media Industries.” Association for Research in Cultures of Young People. May 29, 2012. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

“Dealing with the Great War: Canadian Children and Print Culture.” ‘From the Garden to the Trenches’: The Child, the First World War, and North America. May 9-11, 2012. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

“Charity and the Media: Charitable Subscriptions and Aunt Judy’s Magazine.” Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada. Apr. 26-8, 2012. Victoria, BC, Canada.

“‘Long live the fair Canadian girl’: Canadian Girls at the Turn of the Century.” Department of English and Film Studies. Oct. 11, 2011. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“The Materiality of Children's Charity: Charitable Subscriptions and Aunt Judy's Magazine.” Association for Research in Cultures of Young People. Oct. 21, 2011. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Serializing Femininity: How the Periodical Press (Re)Produced Girlhood in the Nineteenth Century.” Narratives, Repetition, and Texts for Young People. June 9, 2011. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Settling in the Colonies: Periodicals and the Construction of Colonial Girlhood.” Association for Research in Cultures of Young People. May 31, 2011. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

“Landscapes of Girlhood: British Conceptions of Canadian Girls.” Mapping the Landscapes of Childhood, May 6, 2011. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


Kristine currently has two research projects underway. The first, From Colonial to Modern: Transnational Girlhood in Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Print Culture (1840-1940), examines representations of girls in colonial and British texts to trace how colonial authors transformed British feminine norms to produce transnational ideals and, subsequently, modern, nationalised femininities.

The second project, The Charitable Child: Children and Philanthropy in the Nineteenth Century, is funded by an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award. It reconceptualises the relationship between children and philanthropic institutions in the nineteenth century by foregrounding the role of children as active supporters of philanthropic enterprises.


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

The Charitable Child: Children and Philanthropy in the Nineteenth Century

Dr Kristine Moruzi

ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

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