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Increasing the resistivity and IFSS of unsized carbon fibre by covalent surface modification

K Beggs, J Randall, L Servinis, A Krajewski, R Denning, L Henderson

(2018), Vol. 129, pp. 123-128, Reactive and functional polymers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Enhancing interfacial shear strength via surface grafting of carbon fibers using the Kolbe decarboxylation reaction

C Arnold, K Beggs, D Eyckens, F Stojcevski, L Servinis, L Henderson

(2018), Vol. 159, pp. 135-141, Composites science and technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


A predictive model of interfacial interactions between functionalised carbon fibre surfaces cross-linked with epoxy resin

B Demir, K Beggs, B Fox, L Servinis, L Henderson, T Walsh

(2018), Vol. 159, pp. 127-134, Composites science and technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Electrochemical surface modification of carbon fibres by grafting of amine, carboxylic and lipophilic amide groups

L Servinis, K Beggs, C Scheffler, E Wolfel, J Randall, T Gengenbach, B Demir, T Walsh, E Doeven, P Francis, L Henderson

(2017), Vol. 118, pp. 393-403, Carbon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Tailoring the fibre-to-matrix interface using click chemistry on carbon fibre surfaces

L Servinis, K Beggs, T Gengenbach, E Doeven, P Francis, B Fox, J Pringle, C Pozo-Gonzalo, T Walsh, L Henderson

(2017), Vol. 5, pp. 11204-11213, Journal of materials chemistry A, Cambridge, Eng., C1


Ion-tagged prolinamide organocatalysts for the direct aldol reaction on-water

D Eyckens, H Brozinski, J Delaney, L Servinis, S Naghashian, L Henderson

(2016), Vol. 146, pp. 212-219, Catalysis letters, Berlin, Germany, C1


Rapid surface functionalization of carbon fibres using microwave irradiation in an ionic liquid

K Beggs, M Perus, L Servinis, L O'Dell, B Fox, T Gengenbach, L Henderson

(2016), Vol. 6, pp. 32480-32483, RSC advances, London, Eng., C1


A novel approach to the functionalisation of pristine carbon fibre using azomethine 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition

L Servinis, T Gengenbach, M Huson, L Henderson, B Fox

(2015), Vol. 68, pp. 335-344, Australian journal of chemistry, Melbourne, Vic., C1


A novel approach to functionalise pristine unsized carbon fibre using in situ generated diazonium species to enhance interfacial shear strength

L Servinis, L Henderson, L Andrighetto, M Huson, T Gengenbach, B Fox

(2015), Vol. 3, pp. 3360-3371, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, C1


A systematic study of carbon fibre surface grafting via in situ diazonium generation for improved interfacial shear strength in epoxy matrix composites

K Beggs, L Servinis, T Gengenbach, M Huson, B Fox, L Henderson

(2015), Vol. 118, pp. 31-38, Composites science and technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Surface functionalization of unsized carbon fiber using nitrenes derived from organic azides

L Servinis, L Henderson, T Gengenbach, A Kafi, M Huson, B Fox

(2013), Vol. 54, pp. 378-388, Carbon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Protic ionic liquids as recyclable solvents for the acid catalysed synthesis of diphenylmethyl thioethers

L Henderson, M Thornton, N Byrne, B Fox, K Waugh, J Squire, L Servinis, J Delaney, H Brozinski, L Andrighetto, J Altimari

(2013), Vol. 16, pp. 634-639, Comptes rendus chimie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Rapid formation of diphenylmethyl ethers and thioethers using microwave irradiation and protic ionic liquids

J Altimari, J Delaney, L Servinis, J Squire, M Thornton, S Khosa, B Long, M Johnstone, C Fleming, F Pfeffer, S Hickey, M Wride, T Ashton, B Fox, N Byrne, L Henderson

(2012), Vol. 53, pp. 2035-2039, Tetrahedron letters, Oxford, England, C1


Methyl 3-[4-(4-nitrobenzyloxy)phenyl]propanoate

L Servinis, B Fox, P Healy, L Henderson

(2012), Vol. E68, pp. 1997-1998, Acta crystallographica. Section E, structure reports online, Chester, England, C1


A comparative assessment of a-lipoic acid N-phenylamides as non-steroidal androgen receptor antagonists both on and off gold nanoparticles

L Henderson, J Altimari, G Dyson, L Servinis, B Niranjan, G Risbridger

(2012), Vol. 40, pp. 1-5, Bioorganic chemistry, Orlando, Fla., C1


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