Mr Llewellyn Wishart



Lecturer In Education (Early Childhood)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Warrnambool Campus


Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University, 1986
Graduate Diploma (Movement & Dance), University of Melbourne, 1990
Graduate Certificate in Adult Education in Training, Univ. of Technology Sydney, 2002
Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood), Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2006
Graduate Diploma in Vocational & Workplace Learning, Univ. of Technology Sydney, 2010
Master of Education, Univ. of Technology Sydney, 2011
GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2013


Llewellyn holds professional qualifications in early childhood, adult and movement education. His teaching experience at Deakin University has been cross disciplinary within the Bachelor of Health & Physical Education, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance), Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Master of Teaching programs. Doctor of Education candidate University of New England (current).

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Research interests

  • Translating Academic Skills to Professional Skills (Pathways from Uni to becoming an early childhood teacher)
  • Active transport in early childhood
  • Nature-based, outdoor and ecological learning
  • Outdoor play, physical activity and movement
  • Design of naturalised early childhood outdoor spaces
  • Integral embodied pedagogy
  • Early childhood movement, music and dance pedagogy
  • Contemplative education


  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registered Early Childhood Teacher;
  • Professional Practice Member - Body-Mind Centering® Association Inc. (BMCA);
  • Registered Professional Member (RSME) - International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA);
  • NTEU;
  • Early Childhood Australia (ECA).

Teaching interests

  • Children's social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in early childhood and primary education;
  • Health, Physical Education (HPE) and Wellbeing pedagogies;
  • Sustainability education and nature-based teaching and learning;
  • Role of somatic education and body-mind integration in health-wellness pedagogy;
  • Early childhood movement, music & dance pedagogies
  • Contemplative education.

Units taught

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (E420)

ECP 331-334 Professional Experience 3A-3D
ECE 407 Child, Family & Community Health & Physical Development

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (E330 & E330T)

ECE 216 Children's Health, Wellbeing & Physical Education

ECP 127 - Professional Experience 1 (0-2 Years)

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (International) (E331)

ECI 216 Children's Health, Wellbeing & Physical Education

Master of Teaching (E760) (Early Childhood & Primary Strands)

ECP 712 Social, Physical and Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Professional activities

Unit Chair:

  • ECE 216
  • ECI 216
  • ECE 407
  • ECP 127
  • ECP 331-334
  • ECP 712


  • DUPPP Academic Literacies Project (BECE) 2012-2013;
  • Gowrie Victoria, The Harbour Family & Children's Centre Outdoor Learning Space - How It Works? 2012;
  • Greening Child Care Spaces Project 2013 - Nursery Gardening Industry Association (NGIA), Mission Early Learning Services, Fleming's Nurseries & CREFI.
  • Ballarat Kindergarden Project 2014-2015 - City of Ballarat, ECKA, Fleming's Nurseries, Uniting Care Ballarat & Deakin University.


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Industry and Other Funding

The Ballarat KinderGardens Project: The research, evaluation and professional development components - Forrest Hill application

Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey, Dr Liz Rouse, Mr Llewellyn Wishart, Prof Julianne Moss

  • 2014: $18,000


Data will be available in 2017