Ms Louise Morris



Associate Lecturer in Art and Performance


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Master of Animateuring/Cross-modal Performance, University of Melbourne, 2007


Louise Morris is an Associate Lecturer in Drama within the School of
Communications and Creative Arts- Deakin University- Burwood- Melbourne-
Australia. She has worked with performance company Splinters Theatre of
Spectacle (ACT 1991-1998), Co-founded Culturally Innovative Arts (ACT 1998-
2001) and is a founding member of the Red Cabbage Collective (VIC 2002-2010).
The recipient of an APA scholarship- she completed her Masters of
Animateuring- Cross-Modal Performance (H1 Class) at the Victorian College of
the Arts- Melbourne University in 2007.

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Biography summary

Louise is a qualified theatre professional and practice-based researcher with over 20 years experience in traditional theatre, performance collectives, collaborative contemporary practice, installation design and construction, site-specific performance, outdoor spectacle, event management and education. She is an Associate Lecturer in Drama within the School of Communications and Creative Arts, Deakin University, Burwood. She worked with Splinters Theatre of Spectacle (1992-1998), Co-founded Culturally Innovative Arts (1997-2001) and is a founding member of the Red Cabbage Collective (2001-2012).

Major projects include:
Hedge-mony (Co-Director- Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 2006), Aviary (Director- Living Museum of the West 2006), Comfort (Installation Artist- Canberra Youth Theatre 2008), Collapse (Co-Director- Old Port of Melbourne, 2008), Retrieval (Installation Artist- National Library of Australia 2010), June…the place does not matter (Director- The Village- 2011) and Anthology (Installation Artist- ACT 2014). The recipient of an Australian Post-graduate Award, she completed a Masters in Animateuring- Cross Modal Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2008. She is currently a PhD candidate at Deakin University and the working title of her thesis is Out of the Ruins…Cultural collapse and the return of the social sacred.

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Research interests

Site-specific performance practice

Collective processes, devising and composition.



Teaching interests

Image, Site, Performance (Site-specific performance and event making)

Visual Theatre

Voice and Physical Training

Devised and Collaborative Performance

Units taught

Louise teaches across the entire program with a specific empahsis on second year image, site, performance and devised performance training and realisation.

Knowledge areas

Site-Specific Performance and Visual Installation (including journey and landscape theatre)

Immersive Performance 

Spectacle Performance and Ritual

Collective and Collaborative Practice

Applied and Community Theatre Practice


ADSA 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014

Professional activities

Current Research Interests:

Currently- the principal research project is a practice led investigation of large-scale site specific performance installation works that respond to local and historical trauma, place making, and belonging for communities and audiences. The research is part of an ongoing PhD which is primarily questioning how layers of history and lived experience manifest or ‘imprint’ upon natural landscapes and urban sites using the driving concepts of landscape, archaeology, and community immersion to inform the practice.
The site of the primary research investigation in 2014 was Anthology a major site-specific theatrical journey through Westlake, now known as Stirling Park – Ngunawal land, a traditional pathway and the site of one of the camps created to house the workers building the new city of Canberra.  Anthology alluded to the power of immersive, site-sympathetic performance as a regenerative force for communities right now. What lies in wait for artists in sites, in places…to be uncovered…with its final form revealed through careful excavation? Anthology centralised rituals of remembrance and the importance of place as vital to the restoration and regeneration of community through processing and transcending what has been lost, hidden, suppressed or in the case of Westlake or Stirling Park ‘vanished’.

Informed by the research outcomes of Anthology, in 2015, I will be locating another site for the development and presentation of my major PhD project. Currently, I am investigating our very own campus and the history of the Kildonan Children`s Home as a potential site for this major research outcome.



APA Scholarship 2004-2006

APA Scholarship 2012-13

Commendation for Excellence in Teaching 2011

Phillip Brown History Award: Faculty of Arts and Education 2014



*Indicates Project/Company was supported by State/Federal/Festival Funding

Collective Membership

2001-2010 *Red Cabbage Inc  Founding Member
1997-2001 *Culturally Innovative Arts (C.I.A) Co-founder
1998-2001 *The Filthy Slurries Founding Member
1997-2012  Burp Gun Comedy Troupe Founding Member
1993-1998 *Splinters Theatre of Spectacle Member


Outdoor Events/ Site-Specific Performance

2014 *Anthology- Stirling Park ACT Independently produced
2008  *Collapse: Old Port Of Melbourne- Williamstown (VIC) Red Cabbage
2007 Collapse: Cheeky Monkey Headquarters- Kensington (VIC) Red Cabbage
2006 *Hedge-mony as part of Surfing the Coldstream Festival- Yamba (NSW) Red Cabbage
2005-6 *Hedge-mony as part of Next Wave and Festival 2006. Birrarung Marr and Melbourne Museum (VIC) Red Cabbage
2003 Sacrifice: Federation Square (VIC) Red Cabbage
2002 *Half Full of Happiness: Gasworks Art Park (VIC) Red Cabbage
2002 June…The Place Does Not Matter: La Mama Carpark (VIC) C.I.A
2001 *Demons: Street Theatre Outdoors (ACT)/Paynes Lane (VIC) C.I.A
2001 *Opening Ceremony Multicultural Festival: Civic Square (ACT) C.I.A
1998 *Closing Ceremony Multicultural Festival: Civic Square (ACT) Splinters Theatre Company
1997 * Autogeddon: City Multi-story car-park (ACT) Splinters Theatre Company
1996 *Faust: ANU Great Hall and Grounds (ACT) Splinters Theatre Company
1995 *Utopia/Distopia: Springbank Island (ACT) Splinters Theatre Company

Selected Professional Acting

 *Ashes to Ashes: Harold Pinter Rebecca (lead) The Street Theatre
 *Blue: Allison Croggan Berenice (lead) The Street Theatre
 *Foxes: Daniel Keene 
Kath (solo)
Seeing in the Dark: Daniel Keene Lorna (solo) Culturally Innovative Arts
 *Elektra AD: Christos Tsiolkas
Touring season ACT/VIC Electra (lead) Culturally Innovative Arts
 *The Threepenny Opera: B.Brecht Low-Dive Jenny Stopera
 *Distressing the Diva: Nigel Kellaway Diva Nigel Kellaway Independent



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Lorne sculpture biennale: site specific performance improvisation

A Wilson, L Morris

(2016), Lorne, Vic., J1



L Morris

(2016), Arts Centre Melbourne, J1


Silent yarning durational performance installation

L Morris

(2016), Gumbi Gumbi Gardens USQ Toowoomba, J1


Diving horses

L Morris, J O'Farrell

(2015), Arts Centre Melbourne, J2


ANTHOLOGY...a microcosm of a city

L Morris, P Buining

(2014), Canberra Railway Museum, J1


Stories from the river

L Morris, M O'Neil

(2014), Hamer Hall Riverside Terraces and Southbank CBD, J1



P Buining, L Morris

(2014), Stirling Park, A.C.T, J2-1



L Morris

(2014), Telopea Gardens, Emerald, Vic., J1


The hive

L Morris, M O'Neil

(2013), Federation Square, J2


Australian gothic

L Morris, M O'Neil

(2013), Federation Square, J2


Dirt Babylon

R Rutter, I Pidd

(2013), Glebe Park, A.C.T., J1


June ... the place does not matter

L Morris, R Rutter

(2011), Edinburgh Gardens, J2



K Conway, J Woodward, P Buining, L Morris, M Aberline

(2010), National Library of Australia, J2



L Morris, T Smith, K Prins, A Hamilton

(2008), Spotswood Jetty. & unnamed location, J2



L Morris, T Smith, K Prins, A Hamilton

(2006), Melbourne Museum, J2


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