Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)


Faculty of Health


School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Otago, 1999
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2006

+61 3 925 17270

Research interests

Dr Riddells research is primarily concerned with the role of micronutrients in diesease prevention and health. This research can be broken down into the following main areas:

How much salt is consumed within the Australian diet, what are the dietary and health implications and what strategies can be employed to effectively reduce intake?

What are the dieatary and lifestyle determinants of iron levels in women and can dietary interventions significantly improve iron levels and health?

Current research projects investigating these three areas include investigations into the impact of salt intake and soft drink consumption on food and health; and dietary strategies to improve intake and status of iron in adult women.



Nutrition Society of Australia,

Teaching interests

Unit Chair HSN702 Lifespan Nutrition

Teaches intoHSN202 and HSN305

Supervisor of 2 PhD students and so-supervisors 3 PhD students.


Dr Riddell is regularily attends and presents her research at the the Nutrition Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meetings

Other recent examples of her conference presentations include:


International Congress of Obesity, KL Malaysia
Titles: Australian Children’s consumption of caffeinated-formulated beverages. Poster; The association of sodium and potassium intake with obesity Jeffery, P*; Brumby, S; Land, M; Riddell, L; Neal, B; Webster, J; Shaw, J; Chalmers, J; Smith, W; Flood, V; Woodward, M; Kelsall, L; Ansari, Z; Nowson, C. Poster


International Congress of Nutrition, Granada Spain
Titles: Maintaining change: what difference does participating in an intensive dietary intervention make five years on? Poster; Influence of diet and blood loss on the iron status of Australian premenopausal women. Poster
Correlation between 24-hour and spot/void samples for the purpose of population salt intake assessment. Poster; The risk of zinc deficiency does not differ between premenopausal female Australian bollod donors and non donors: a cross sectional study. Poster


International Congress of Obesity, Sweden
Title: Caffeine increases consumption of sugar sweetened beverages. Obesity Reviews July 2010, Vol 11; S1: 297


2012 Office for Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

2011 Deakin University Faculty of Health Award for Excellence

2009 Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence

2008 Award for Excellence, Faculty of Health, Medicine, Nursing and Behavioural Sciences



Dr Riddell is involved in a wide range of departmental, faculty and discipline committees:

Nutrition Society of Australia Registration Committee

TEQSA Register of Experts

Deakin University Student Prizes and Awards Subcomittee

School Executive

Member of the undergraduate and postgraduate Food and Nutrition Course Teams