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The ghost in the memoir machine: exploring the relationship between ghostwritten memoir and biography

M Ricketson

(2018), pp. 43-58, Mediating memory : tracing the limits of memoir, New York, N.Y., B1


When one person's noble whistleblower becomes another's poisonous leaker

M Ricketson

(2018), pp. 101-120, In the name of security - secrecy, surveillance and journalism, London, Eng., B1


Collaboration on a national scale: journalism educators, students and the 2016 Australian federal election

Andrew Dodd, Kayt Davies, Collette Snowden, M Ricketson

(2018), Vol. 40, pp. 35-50, Australian journalism review, Magill, S. Aust., C1


The underappreciated role of creativity in journalism

M Ricketson

(2017), Vol. Special issue: prose poetry, pp. 1-13, TEXT: journal of writing and writing programs, Nathan, Qld., C1


Taking journalism and trauma seriously: the importance of the AZ case

M Ricketson

(2017), Vol. 39, pp. 177-189, Australian journalism review, Magill, S. Aust., C1


When slow news is good news book-length journalism's role in extending and enlarging daily news

M Ricketson

(2016), Vol. 10, pp. 507-520, Journalism practice, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1


The return of the long-form profile: A case study of the Quarterly Essay and the Monthly in Australia

M Ricketson

(2016), pp. 70-83, Profile pieces : journalism and the 'human interest' bias, London, Eng., B1


What's the story? Journalism ethics and the Anzac centenary

S Mascall-Dare, M Ricketson

(2016), pp. 37-54, Beyond Gallipoli : New perspectives on Anzac, Melbourne, Vic., B1


Wanted for questioning: interviewers on the art and craft of interviewing

M Ricketson

(2016), pp. 99-113, Media innovation & disruption, Melbourne, Vic., B1


The media

M Ricketson, K Murphy

(2016), pp. 95-116, From Abbott to Turnbull: a new direction? Australian Commonwealth Administration 2013-2016, Geelong, Vic., B1


John Clarke and the power of satire in journalism

M Ricketson

(2016), pp. 153-167, The funniest pages : international perspectives on humor in journalism, New York, N.Y., B1


Working for less: the aftermath for journalists made redundant in Australia between 2012 and 2014

Lawrie Zion, Andrew Dodd, Merryn Sherwood, Penny O?Donnell, Timothy Marjoribanks, Matthew Ricketson

(2016), Vol. 2, pp. 117-136, Communication research and practice, London, Eng., C1


The Australian's media supplement: a lapdog, a watchdog, and attack dog or all of the above?

A Dodd, M Ricketson

(2015), Vol. 157, pp. 68-78, Media international Australia, London, Eng., C1-1


Are there news gaps in rural/regional Australia? Researching media plurality beyond Finkelstein

L Waller, K Hess, M Ricketson

(2014), Vol. 36, pp. 157-169, Australian journalism review, Adelaide, S.Aust., C1


Regulating journalism in Australia

R Tiffen, M Ricketson

(2014), pp. 15-40, La regulation du travail journalistique dans dix pays, dont le Canada, Montreal, Que., B1


Gillard, Her Government and the media

S Young, M Ricketson

(2014), pp. 287-308, The Gillard Governments: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013, Melbourne, Vic., B1


From making front page to landing between covers: an ethical inquiry into contemporary book-length journalism in Australia

M Ricketson

(2014), Vol. 11, pp. 12-20, Ethical space: the international journal of communication ethics, Suffolk, Eng., C1


An unseen weakening of Fairfax's journalism culture: the impact of copy sharing in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Canberra Times books pages

M Ricketson, S Nolan

(2014), TASA 2014 : Proceedings of The Australian Sociological Association Conference on Challenging Identities, Institutions and Communities, University of South Australia, Adelaide., E1


Australia: State aid to newspapers--Not a priority

F Papandrea, M Ricketson

(2013), pp. 115-131, State aid for newspapers: theories, cases, actions, Berlin, Germany, B1


Unintended consequences: The impact of structural reform in the newspaper industry on the marketing of books

M Ricketson, S Nolan

(2013), pp. 29-39, By the book? Contemporary publishing in Australia, Melbourne, Vic., B1


We have the means, but what's the model? A better way for universities and industry to produce investigative journalism

M Ricketson, B Birnbauer, A Dodd

(2013), ANZCA 2013 : Proceedings of the 2013 Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference on Global Networks-Global Divides : Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges, Fremantle, Western Australia, E1


Speaking truth to media power

M Ricketson

(2013), Vol. 35, pp. 149-156, Australian journalism review, Magill, S. Aust., C1


Navigating the access swell, the independence shoals and the siren song of narrative: a comparison of the work of Bob Woodward, Mark Danner and WikiLeaks

M Ricketson

(2013), Vol. Special Issue, pp. 1-13, Text, Nathan, Qld., C1


News' Australian story of ethics and self-regulation: a cautionary tale

R Breit, M Ricketson

(2012), Vol. 13, pp. 41-47, Television & new media, London, Eng., C1-1


The new appreciation of long-form journalism in a short-form world

M Ricketson

(2012), pp. 217-233, Australian journalism today, Melbourne, Vic., B1


Introduction: a context for understanding the changing practice of journalism in Australia

Matthew Ricketson

(2012), pp. 1-13, Australian Journalism Today, South Yarra, B1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

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New Beats: mass redundancies and career change in Australian journalism

A/Prof Lawrie Zion, Prof Timothy Marjoribanks, Prof Matthew Ricketson, Dr Andrew Dodd, Mr Kevin Bradley, Mr Michael Dobbie

ARC - Discovery Projects

  • 2017: $41,166

New Beats: mass redundancies, career changes and the future of Australian journalism

A/Prof Lawrie Zion, Prof Timothy Marjoribanks, Prof Matthew Ricketson, Dr Penelope O'Donnell, Dr Andrew Dodd, Mrs Michelle Rayner, Mr Kevin Bradley, Mr Michael Dobbie

ARC Linkage - Projects

  • 2018: $25,640


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