Dr Max Kelly



Senior Lecturer In International And Community Development


Faculty of Arts and Education


SHSS Arts & Ed


Warrnambool Campus


Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Univ. College Dublin, Ireland, 1992
Master of Science, University of Aberdeen, 1995
Doctor of Philosophy, Kingston University, 2000
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2007


+61 3 556 33316


Max Kelly is a Senior Lecturer in International and Community Development Studies at Deakin University. Her areas of expertise include international and community development policy and practice. She has a sectoral focus in food security, food systems, and sustainability at local, national and international levels and has recently co-edited a book on assessing the impact of foreign aid on poverty, and social justice.

Max holds a Degree in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin, and a PhD in agricultural systems and sustainable livelihoods in southern Africa and has worked as an agricultural extension officer in Ireland, a farmhand across Europe and Australia and researched with, consulted and volunteered for a variety of organisations, both government, and non-government in Timor Leste, Bangladesh, Malawi, Uganda, Pakistan, Solomon Islands and PNG.

Max has also published on a range of issues from local food systems and land use to global development policy. Her current research includes the role of civil society in post conflict development, animals and ethics in development, food security, food and landscapes, and Political Economy Analysis.

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Research interests

Food Security, Food Systems, Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, Impact Assesment, Participatory Development, Community Development, Agricultural Extension, Civil society, NGOs and development, Natural Resource Management, Gender, Timor Leste, Bangladesh, Malawi, Uganda, Pacific.


African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)

Agri-food Network Australia,

Teaching interests

International and Community Development incorporating agriculture, food security and sustainable livelihoods, sustainable development, Impact Assessment, community and participatory development, cross cultural communication and practice.

Units taught

ADS712 Food Security and Sustainable Livelhoods

ADS717 Sustainable Development

ADS715 Cross Cultural Communication and Practice

ADS753 Interantional and Community Development internships

Knowledge areas

Food Security,  Livelihoods, , Community Engagement and Participatory Development (PRA), Agriculture and Rural Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Natural Resource Management, Water Resource Management, and the role of NGOs in development. Gender issue in development,

Professional activities


Co hosted the 2015 African Studies Association of Australasia and New Zealand Annual Conference: http://afsaap.org.au/conference/conference-2015/

Co-Editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies Journal 


ABC Radio, Future Tense with Anthony Funnell, Sunday 17th April 2016, podcast, http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/futuretense/aid/7320894

Asian Development Bank, Mekong River Commission, Government of India, and NGO sector including local NGOS in Timor Leste and Uganda.


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Dr Max Kelly

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Malawi: waving or drowning in the 21st century?

Dr Max Kelly

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Mzungu’s work? What role for local NGOs in Northern Uganda

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Australia`s box - ironbark forests and woodlands : saving the fragments of a threatened ecosystem

Dr Max Kelly, A/Prof David Mercer

(2005), Vol. 36, pp. 19-37, Australian geographer, London, England, C1



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