Ms Melanie Hawkins



Associate Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Melbourne Burwood Campus



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Patient perspectives on a personally controlled electronic health record used in regional Australia: 'I can be like my own doctor'

L Hanna, S Gill, L Newstead, M Hawkins, R Osborne

(2017), Vol. 46, pp. 42-48, Health information management journal, London, Eng., C1


The Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ) at the patient-clinician interface: a qualitative study of what patients and clinicians mean by their HLQ scores

M Hawkins, S Gill, R Batterham, G Elsworth, R Osborne

(2017), Vol. 17, pp. 1-15, BMC health services research, London, Eng., C1


Health literacy: applying current concepts to improve health services and reduce health inequalities

R Batterham, M Hawkins, P Collins, R Buchbinder, R Osborne

(2016), Vol. 132, pp. 3-12, Public health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Distribution of health literacy strengths and weaknesses across socio-demographic groups: a cross-sectional survey using the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)

A Beauchamp, R Buchbinder, S Dodson, R Batterham, G Elsworth, C McPhee, L Sparkes, M Hawkins, R Osborne

(2015), Vol. 15, pp. 1-13, BMC public health, London, Eng., C1


The grounded psychometric development and initial validation of the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)

R Osborne, R Batterham, G Elsworth, M Hawkins, R Buchbinder

(2013), Vol. 13, pp. 1-17, BMC Public Health, London, England, C1


Presenting evidence-based health information for people with multiple sclerosis : the IN-DEEP project protocol

S Hill, G Filippini, A Synnot, M Summers, D Beecher, C Colombo, P Mosconi, M Battaglia, S Shapland, R Osborne, M Hawkins

(2012), Vol. 12, pp. 1-8, BMC medical informatics and decision making, London, England, C1


Change of perspective: a measurable and desired outcome of chronic disease self-management intervention programs that violates the premise of preintervention/postintervention assessment

R Osborne, M Hawkins, M Sprangers

(2006), Vol. 55, pp. 458-465, Arthritis care and research, New York, N.Y., C1-1


Response shift : the measurable and desired outcome of health education programs that violates pre-post assessment

M Hawkins, R Osborne

(2005), pp. 1-1, Health outcomes 2005 : making a difference : the 11th Annual National Health Outcomes Conference, Canberra, A.C.T., E1-1


Measurement of valued outcomes from self-management courses : a moving target requiring attention to how individuals respond to the intervention

S Nolte, M Hawkins, R Osborne

(2005), pp. 1-1, New perspectives : Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Patient Self-Management, Victoria, British Columbia, E1-1


The HEI-Q perspective : a new outcome measure of self-management programs

R Osborne, M Hawkins

(2005), pp. 1-1, New Perspectives : Proceedings of the International Conference on Patient Self-Management, Victoria, British Columbia, E1-1


Evaluation of the benefits of self management programs : should we expect a health status change and/or a change in perspective of health?

M Hawkins, R Osborne

(2003), Sharing health care initiative : Proceedings of the 2003 National Chronic Conditions Self-Management Workshop, Melbourne, Victoria, E1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Supply/provision of 'training package' development and delivery of core skills for self management - (Quote PO # 773746)

Prof Richard Osborne, Ms Jenni Livingston, Ms Melanie Hawkins, Dr Sharon Bentley, Prof Tanya Packer

  • 2010: $10,000
  • 2009: $116,687

Hep C - Take Contol Project

Prof Richard Osborne, Ms Melanie Hawkins, Ms Jenni Livingston

  • 2010: $35,000

Development and Validation of the HLQ-Clinical: a health literacy tool to support clinical interactions

Prof Richard Osborne, Dr Alison Beauchamp, Dr Sarity Dodson, Mr Roy Batterham, Ms Melanie Hawkins, Mr Dino Asproloupos

  • 2015: $65,000

Industry and Other Funding

IN-DEEP - High Quality health information and decision tools to aid people with multiple sclerosis manage their health: Integrating and deriving evidence, experiences and preferences

Prof Richard Osborne, Ms Melanie Hawkins

  • 2013: $13,013
  • 2012: $26,000

Evaluation of the SEMPHN Living Well @ every age project

Ms Melanie Hawkins, Prof Richard Osborne, Mr Dino Asproloupos

  • 2016: $15,000


No completed student supervisions to report