Dr Michiko Weinmann



Lecturer in Education (Languages Education)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Royal Melb Inst. of Technology, 2010



My career in education spans over 15 years. A former languages teacher, I have taught Languages to students from diverse backgrounds both in Australia and overseas. My teaching experience includes a range of different contexts, such as secondary and adult education, bilingual immersion and community languages schools.

I lecture in Languages and EAL pedagogy, and in multilingualism and multilingual education in global contexts. I am Course Director of the Masters of Languages Teaching, and Co-Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning  Languages (CTaLL).

My research explores the nexus of language, culture, body and identity, which integrates my interest in languages education and cultural and gender studies. The theoretical resources that form the basis of my work are drawn from post-structural and post-colonial theories, feminism and sociology of the body.

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Research interests

  • Languages education and Languages education policy in international contexts
  • Innovation in Languages and EAL pedagogy
  • Multilingualism and multilingual education in global contexts
  • Community languages
  • Interculturality
  • Culture, body and identity
  • Asia and 'Asia literacy' in policy and curriculum

Research methodologies:

  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Visual methodologies
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Case study

Current research projects:

(i) Rod Neilsen, Alex Kostogriz, Ruth Arber, Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University), & Nishta Rosunee (Monash University) (2013-2015). How Melbourne teachers practice Asia literacy: Religious dimensions;

(ii) Michiko Weinmann, Ruth Arber, Alistair Welsh (Deakin University), Alex Kostogriz (ACU), & Stefan Romaniw (Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria (ESAV)/Community Languages Australia (CLA)) (2015). Language, culture and identity: Exploring the diasporic spaces of community language schools in Victoria;

(iii) Indika Liyanage, Ruth Arber, Rod Neilsen, & Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University) (2015). Navigating the languages policy landscape: An exploration of teacher practice.

Current research crowdfunding project Operation Belle (pozi.be/operationbelle) via Pozible - Deakin Research my World:

We live in a surgical society. Operation Belle seeks to interview young women in Australia about their perceptions of cosmetic surgery. A group of 10–12 participants will be interviewed in 2016 to discover their views. These interviews will also be collated as a series of educational videos, complemented by a resource booklet with additional materials and activities. These resources will be made available to schools across Victoria and Australia, to explore cosmetic surgery more deeply and to contribute to a more complex understanding.

Teaching interests

  • Languages and EAL education in global contexts
  • Languages and EAL pedagogy
  • Multilingualism and multilingual education
  • Intercultural language teaching and learning

Units taught

ETL709 Multilingualism and multilingual education in global contexts

ETL710 Teaching and Learning in Languages Classrooms

ESJ457 Studies in Curriculum LOTE A

ESJ458 Studies in Curriculum LOTE B

ESJ459 Studies in Curriculum TESOL A

ESJ460 Studies in Curriculum TESOL B


Weinmann, M. (2014). Re-theorising the concept of ‘Asia community’ in Featured Symposium: The Asia literacy teaching workforce in Australia: a report of a national study. APERA, Hong Kong Institute of Education, 19-21 November 2014.

Arber, R., Nguyen, N. & Weinmann, M. (2015). Language awareness and content-based teaching across the curriculum. Paper accepted for the 2015 Language, Education and Diversity (LED) conference, University of Auckland, 23-26 November 2015.


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Indigenous languages education in Victoria: innovations, opprtunities and challenges for non-indigenous languages teacher educators

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(2016), pp. 203-211, Multidisciplinary research perspectives in education shared experiences from Australia and China, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, B1


Asia engagement beyond binaries and boundaries: towards a re-theorisation of Asia, community and curriculum

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