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Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus

Biography summary

Completing an undergraduate science degree in Iran, Morteza added a master’s degree in science that majored in information technology (IT) engineering. After two years’ of work in this field, he soon realised that while many researchers were already developing predictive models, predictive models are not used to their fullest in strategic decision making. He, therefore, completed a PhD that investigates how business intelligence and big data help organisational leaders make sense of the business environment. Morteza's work has been published in Communications of Association for Information Systems, Management Decisions and International Conference on Information Systems. He is now working as a lecturer in the Deakin Business School’s Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics and enjoys sharing his knowledge with students who are keen to learn about the tools, techniques and concepts of business intelligence and analytics.

Research interests

  • Visualis analytics
  • Sensemaking
  • Business intelliegence
  • Text analytics

Units taught

  • Predictive Analytics (2016)
  • Business Requirement Analysis (2013-2016)
  • Decision Modeling for Business Analytics (2015)
  • Business Intelligence (2014)
  • Data Warehousing (2014)
  • Enterprise Information Management (2014)


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  • KhakAbi S., Gholamian M. R. and Namvar M. (2010) “Applications of data mining techniques in customer churn management”, First International Conference on Intelligent systems, Modeling and Simulation (ISMS), Liverpool.
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  • Namvar M., Fathian M., Gholamian M.R. and Akhavan P. (2010) “Exploring the Role of human Capital on Firm’s Structural Capital in Iranian E-business Industry”, International Conference of Management Technology and Applications (ICMTA), Singapore.
  • Gholamian M. R., Akhavan P., Moahmmadipoor F. and Namvar M. (2010) “Prioritization structural capital indicators in Iranian e-business”, Management International Conference (MIC), Ankara. 
  • Namvar M., Gholamian M.R. and KhakAbi S. (2009) "Electronic business selection based on firm’s intellectual capital", 8th International Conference on e-Business (iNCEB), Bangkok.
  • Fathian M, Gholamian M.R. and Namvar M. (2009) "Intellectual property and intellectual capital: a new classification model", International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management (IICM), Zanjan.
  • KhakAbi S., Gholamian M.R. and Namvar M. (2009) “An Ontology for e-Business models based on SCOPE of CRM”, 8th International Conference on e-Business (iNCEB), Bangkok


Best paper award in 6th International Conference of Technology Management, 2010. Tehran, Iran, 2010


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