Ms Natalie Hakman



Associate Lecturer


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Melbourne Burwood Campus

+61 3 924 46452

Units taught

Introduction to Public Health & Health Promotion HSH111

Health Communication HSH208

Planning & Evaluation II HSH218


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S McIver & N Hakman 2014. How might education help? Outcomes from redeveloping a determinants-led University subject with over 2,000 students, The 22nd Australian Health Promotion Association and 18th Chronic Disease Network Conference: Equity at the Centre - Action on Social Determinants of Health, Alice Springs, September 2014.

N Hakman & S McIver 2012. Reflective Practice as a Method for Deepening Critical Thinking, Science in Society Conference, San Francisco, November 2012.

S McIver, M Gold & N Hakman 2012. Healing without Cure: Mapping Pathways to Improve Quality of Life for the Grieving and the Bereaved, Science in Society Conference, San Francisco, November 2012.

A Taket, M Graham & N Hakman 2007. Relevance of health literacy models for people with severe mental illness, 19th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education, Canada, June 2007.

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J Garrard, M Bellamy, L Gunning & N Hakman 2005. Revolutions for women: What works in promoting cycling for women? Australian Sports Commission, International Sport Research Forum, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, April 2005.

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