Ms Natalie Hendry



Lecturer in Education (Health and Student Wellbeing)


Faculty of Arts and Education


SoE Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Monash University, 2004
Bachelor of Science, Monash University, 2006
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), University of Melbourne, 2008
Master of Youth Health and Educational Management, University of Melbourne, 2012


My research focuses on young people's social media practices in the context of polymedia and convergent media ecologies, increasing social and political pressures to engage in practices of visbility as young citizens, and young women's gendered experiences of exposure, excess and containment.  

My PhD thesis explores how young people experiencing mental illness engage with social media, focusing on visual practices related to identity, connection, intimacy and affect.

I am currently completing my PhD in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, with support from the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. I am a member of the RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee and am particularly interested in the ethics of digital and creative research methods with marginalized communities.

Prior to beginning my PhD studies, I was a teacher and consultant in a hospital school setting, working with inpatient adolescents engaged with youth psychiatric care. I have experience in mainstream education (health, home economics and humanities) and community education (relationship violence prevention and sexuality education).

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Research interests

Social media practices, youth mental health, affect theory in media context, critical approaches to risk, digital and visual ethics for research, interdisciplinary health education, sexuality and relationships education


Association of Internet Researchers

The Australian Sociological Association

Society for Media and Cinema Studies


Invited co-panellist. (2015, November 22-23). Digital cultures and youth – rights, ethics and responsibilities. Australia Forum on Sexuality, Education and Health Conference 2015, Western Sydney University, Sydney. Chair: Ass Prof Kath Albury.

Hendry, N.A. (2015, November 19-20). The potential intensity of #mentalillness on Tumblr: Interrogating contagion, intimacy and recovery on social media for youth mental health. Paper presented at the Digital Intimate Publics: Identities, relationships and value in social media cultures, Brisbane.

Hendry, N.A., Brown, G. & Dowsett, G.W. (2015, November 12-13). Friends, sex and (health) benefits: Young adults’ friendships and STI testing practices. Poster presented at the National Youth Health Conference 2015, Melbourne. 

Invited co-panellist. (2015, October 21-24). Young people’s imaged visibilities. Association of Internet Researchers, Internet Research 16: Digital Imaginaries, Phoenix, AZ. Chair: Dr Jacqueline Vickery.

Invited co-panellist. (2015, July 30). Naming, blaming and social media: A discussion, with Clementine Ford and Lauren Stardust, Midwinter Festival, Fitzroy. Chair: Lana Woolf.

Invited co-panellist. (2015, July 21-22). Exploring ethics in rural sexual health: Reflections on our practice, SEXrurality conference, Centre for Excellent in Rural Sexual Health, University of Melbourne, Bendigo.

Hanckel, B. & Hendry, N.A., (2015, March 30-April 1). Examining methodological practices: Locating young people’s agency in digital media research. Paper presented at the Contemporary Youth, Contemporary Risk, Journal of Youth Studies Conference, Copenhagen.

Hendry, N.A. (2014, December 1-2). Visual and digital methods for the ethical exploration of youth mental illness and recovery. Paper presented at Interactive Futures: Young People's Mediated Lives in the Asia Pacific and Beyond, Monash University, Caulfield.

Hendry, N.A. (2014, October 15). Selfies as pedagogy: Young people x mental illness x social media, Invited lecture at How the selfie performs across time and place, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions and the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

Hendry, N.A. (2014, August 1). Tumblr as method: Incoherence in digital media cultures of youth mental illness and recovery. Presented at Young People and Digital Communication: Exploring the role of narrative in research and interventions, UNSW, Sydney.

Hendry, N.A. (2014, February 20-21). Intimate visualising of recovery. Paper presented at Connect 2014, Melbourne.

Hendry, N.A. (2014, February 20-21). Seeing young people’s voices: Developing ethical visual methods to see young people’s voices through the noise of mental illness. Paper presented at Connect 2014, Melbourne.

Hendry, N.A. (2013, November 13-15). Ethical research with young people experiencing mental illness. Paper presented at the National Youth Health Conference, Fremantle.

Professional activities

Member, RMIT University HREC 

Member, Projects and Partnerships Sub-committee, Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre


RMIT PhD Scholarship 2013

Young and Well CRC PhD Scholarship 2013


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