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The SLUGGS survey: a catalog of over 4000 globular cluster radial velocities in 27 nearby early-type galaxies

D Forbes, A Alabi, J Brodie, A Romanowsky, J Strader, C Foster, C Usher, L Spitler, S Bellstedt, N Pastorello, A Villaume, A Wasserman, V Pota

(2017), Vol. 153, pp. 1-10, Astronomical journal, Bristol, Eng., C1


The SLUGGS survey: using extended stellar kinematics to disentangle the formation histories of low-mass S0 galaxies

S Bellstedt, D Forbes, C Foster, A Romanowsky, J Brodie, N Pastorello, A Alabi, A Villaume

(2017), Vol. 467, pp. 4540-4557, Monthly notices of the royal astronomical society, Oxford, Eng., C1


The WAGGS project - I. The WiFeS atlas of galactic globular cluster spectra

C Usher, N Pastorello, S Bellstedt, A Alabi, P Cerulo, L Chevalier, A Fraser-McKelvie, S Penny, C Foster, R McDermid, R Schiavon, A Villaume

(2017), Vol. 468, pp. 3828-3849, Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society, Oxford, Eng., C1


Measuring traffic congestion: an approach based on learning weighted inequality, spread and aggregation indices from comparison data

G Beliakov, M Gagolewski, S James, S Pace, N Pastorello, E Thilliez, R Vasa

(2017), pp. 1-10, Applied Soft Computing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Evidence of a bottom-heavy initial mass function in massive early-type galaxies from near-infrared metal lines

D Lagattuta, J Mould, D Forbes, A Monson, N Pastorello, S Persson

(2017), Vol. 846, Astrophysical Journal, Philadelphia, Pa., C1


The SLUGGS survey: a new mask design to reconstruct the stellar populations and kinematics of both inner and outer galaxy regions

N Pastorello, D Forbes, A Poci, A Romanowsky, R McDermid, A Alabi, J Brodie, M Cappellari, V Pota, C Foster

(2016), Vol. 33, pp. 1-16, Publications of the astronomical society of Australia, Cambridge, Eng., C1


The young nuclear stellar disc in the SB0 galaxy NGC 1023

E Corsini, L Morelli, N Pastorello, E Dalla Bontá, A Pizzella, E Portaluri

(2016), Vol. 457, pp. 1198-1207, Monthly notices of the royal astronomical society, Oxford, Eng., C1-1


The SLUGGS survey: globular cluster stellar population trends from weak absorption lines in stacked spectra

C Usher, D Forbes, J Brodie, A Romanowsky, J Strader, C Conroy, C Foster, N Pastorello, V Pota, J Arnold

(2015), Vol. 446, pp. 369-390, Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, London, Eng., C1-1


The planetary nebulae population in the nuclear regions of M31: the SAURON view

N Pastorello, M Sarzi, M Cappellari, E Emsellem, G Mamon, R Bacon, R Davies, P Tim de Zeeuw

(2013), Vol. 430, pp. 1219-1229, Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Oxford, Eng., C1-1


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