Dr Pandora Kay





Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 46591

Research interests

  • Marketing creative industries and experiences, including music, circus, and the arts (performing arts, visual arts, galleries and museums)
  • Tourist and visitor motivation, behaviour and barriers to attending cultural attractions and experiences, including the Queen Victoria Market
  • Destination marketing for sub-metropolitan regions including destination image and attractiveness perceptions of residents and visitors
  • Non-profit marketing, especially volunteerism in community-based cultural organisations and events, including Open Gardens Australia


Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy and Conference (ANZMAC), Individual Member (2003-present)


Australian Marketing Institute of Australia, Fellow, Certified Practicing Marketer (FAMI CPM) (1988-present)

Teaching interests

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing Management

Professional activities

Ethics Committee

Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law, Human Ethics Advisory Group, School of Management and Marketing research member, Jan 2013-present.

Occasional Reviewer

Manuscripts for Tourism Analysis; Annals of Tourism Research; Marketing Intelligence and Planning; Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing; Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing; Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics; International Journal of Event and Festival Management; Event Management; Tourism Geographies; Tourism, Culture and Communication; Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change


Awards and Prizes (2008-)

Victoria University, Vice-Chancellor's Awards 2008

Citation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (Higher Education). For dedication to creating learning environments and teaching materials that inspire students to apply marketing theory and practice in non-traditional, dynamic and diverse contexts.

Victoria University, Faculty of Business and Law Staff Awards 2008

Teaching Excellence Award (School of Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing)

Research and Research Training award for Research Degree


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