Miss Rachael Cox



Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Faculty of Health


School of Psychology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


+61 3 924 43041


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All bereaved parents are entitled to good care after stillbirth: a mixed-methods multicentre study (INSIGHT)

D Siassakos, S Jackson, K Gleeson, C Chebsey, A Ellis, C Storey, A Heazell, T Draycott, C Winter, J Hillman, R Cox, J Lewis, L Davey

(2018), Vol. 125, pp. 160-170, BJOG: an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology, Chichester, Eng., C1


The healthy eating, active living (HEAL) study: outcomes, lessons learnt and future recommendations

R Cox, H Skouteris, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, B Watson, A Jones, S Omerogullari, K Stanton, L Bromfield, L Hardy

(2017), Vol. 26, pp. 196-214, Child abuse review, Chichester, Eng., C1


Do maternal perceptions of child eating and feeding help to explain the disconnect between reported and observed feeding practices?: A follow-up study

H Bergmeier, H Skouteris, M Hetherington, R Rodgers, K Campbell, R Cox

(2017), pp. 1-11, Maternal and child nutrition, London, Eng., C1


A qualitative exploration of coordinators' and carers' perceptions of the Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) programme in residential care

R Cox, H Skouteris, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, B Watson, J Fredrickson, M Mccabe, A Jones, S Omerogullari, K Stanton, L Bromfield, L Hardy

(2017), pp. 1-15, Child abuse review, London, Eng., C1


"It's not as easy as saying, 'just get them to eat more veggies'": exploring healthy eating in residential care in Australia

R Cox, R Emond, S Punch, I McIntosh, K Hall, A Simpson, H Skouteris

(2017), Vol. 117, pp. 275-283, Appetite, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Problematic eating and food-related behaviours and excessive weight gain : why children in out-of-home care are at risk

R Cox, H Skouteris, E Hemmingsson, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, L Hardy

(2016), Vol. 69, pp. 338-347, Australian social work, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Descriptive study of carers' support, encouragement and modelling of healthy lifestyle behaviours in residential out-of-home care

R Cox, H Skouteris, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, A Jones, D Gallant, S Omerogullari, R Miller, L Hardy

(2015), Vol. Early view, pp. 1-5, Australian and New Zealand journal of public health, Chichester, Eng, C1


Promoting obesity prevention together with environmental sustainability

H Skouteris, R Cox, T Huang, L Rutherford, S Edwards, A Cutter-Mackenzie

(2014), Vol. 29, pp. 454-462, Health promotion international, Oxford, England, C1


Can I reach that sticker? Preschoolers' practical judgments about their own and others' body size

S Dunphy-Lelii, M Hooley, L McGivern, H Skouteris, R Cox

(2014), Vol. 15, pp. 584-598, Journal of cognition and development, Abingdon, Eng., C1


Addressing risk factors of overweight and obesity among adolescents in out-of-home care : the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) study

H Skouteris, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M McCabe, R Cox, R Miller, A Jones, S Omerogullari, K Morrison

(2014), Vol. 19, pp. 536-548, International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, Abingdon, Eng., C1


TV viewing behaviour among preschoolers : implications for public health recommendations

R Cox, H Skouteris, D Dell'Aquila, L Hardy, L Rutherford

(2013), Vol. 49, Journal of paediatrics and child health, Chichester, England, C1


Television viewing, television content, food intake, physical activity and body mass index : a cross-sectional study of preschool children aged 2-6 years

R Cox, H Skouteris, L Rutherford, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, D Dell' Aqulia, L Hardy

(2012), Vol. 23, pp. 58-62, Health promotion journal of Australia, Maroochydore, Qld., C1


The association between television viewing and preschool child body mass index : a systematic review of english papers published from 1995 to 2010

R Cox, H Skouteris, L Rutherford, M Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

(2012), Vol. 6, pp. 198-220, Journal of children and media, Abingdon, England, C1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Evaluation of a Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Targeting Young People Living in Out-of-home Care

Prof Helen Skouteris, Dr Leonie Rutherford, Miss Rachael Cox

  • 2015: $18,782
  • 2014: $23,411
  • 2013: $26,904

Building Resilience in Children and Young People C5073

Prof Jane McGillivray, Prof Helen Skouteris, Miss Rachael Cox

  • 2017: $45,000

An Evaluation of Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Culture Camps for Youth in Out-of-home Care (OOHC)

Miss Rachael Cox, Prof Helen Skouteris

  • 2017: $27,500

Industry and Other Funding

Increasing healthy eating and physical activity promoting policies and practices in the child welfare sector

Miss Rachael Cox, Prof Helen Skouteris, A/Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz

  • 2017: $50,000


No completed student supervisions to report