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School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


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Effects of habitual physical activity and fitness on tibial cortical bone mass structure and mass distribution in pre-pubertal boys and girl: the look study

Dr Rachel Duckham, Dr Timo Rantalainen, Dr Gaele Ducher, Dr Briony Hill, Prof Richard Telford, Rohan M Telford, Prof Robin Daly

(2016), Vol. 99, pp. 56-65, Calcified tissue international, Berlin, Germany, C1


Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of community group and home based falls prevention exercise programmes on bone health in older people: the ProAct65+ bone study

Dr Rachel Duckham, T. Masud, Roderick Taylor, D Kendrick, H Carpenter, S Iliffe, R Morris, H Gage, D Skelton, S Dinan, Katherine SF Brooke-Wavell

(2015), Vol. 44, pp. 573-579, Age and ageing, Oxford, Eng., C1


Effectiveness of dual-task functional power training for preventing falls in older people: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Prof Robin Daly, Dr Rachel Duckham, Mr Jamie Tait, Dr Timo Rantalainen, Prof Caryl Nowson, Prof Dennis Taaffe, Kerrie Margaret Sanders, Dr Keith Hill, Dr Dawson Kidgell, Dr Lucy Busija

(2015), Vol. 16, pp. 1-15, Trials, London, Eng., C1


Tibial and fibular mid-shaft bone traits in young and older sprinters and non-athletic men

Dr Timo Rantalainen, Dr Rachel Duckham, Harri Suominen, Ari Heinonen, Markku Alen, Marko T Korhonen

(2014), Vol. 95, pp. 132-140, Calcified tissue international, New York, N. Y., C1


Does physical activity in adolescence have site-specific and sex-specific benefits on young adult bone size, content, and estimated strength?

Dr Rachel Duckham, Adam DG Baxter-Jones, James Duncan Johnston, Hassanali Vatanparast, David Cooper, Saija Annukka Kontulainen

(2014), Vol. 29, pp. 479-486, Journal of bone and mineral research, Chichester, England, C1-1


Use of the compulsive exercise test with athletes : norms and links with rating psychopathology

C Plateau, V Shanmugam, Dr Rachel Duckham, H Goodwin, S Jowett, Katherine SF Brooke-Wavell, A Laybourne, J Arcelus, Caroline Meyer

(2014), Vol. 26, pp. 287-301, Journal of applied sport psychology, Abingdon, Eng., C1-1


Evidence for an interaction between exercise and nutrition for improving bone and muscle health.

Prof Robin Daly, Dr Rachel Duckham, Dr Jenny Gianoudis

(2014), Vol. 12, pp. 219-226, Current Osteoporosis Reports, Dordrecht , Germany, C1


Stress fracture incidence in female endurance athletes is lower than previously reported : a twelve month prospective study OR Risk factors for stress fracture in female endurance athletes: a cross-sectional study

Dr Rachel Duckham, Katherine SF Brooke-Wavell, Gregory D Summers, Noel Cameron, Nicholas S Peirce

(2014), pp. 1-1, BMJ Open, London, England, C1


Sex differences in circumstances and consequences of outdoor and indoor falls in older adults in the MOBILIZE Boston cohort study

Dr Rachel Duckham, Elizabeth Procter-Gray, Marian T Hannan, Suzanne G Leveille, Lewis A Lipsitz, Wenjun Li

(2013), Vol. 13, pp. 1-11, BMC Geriatrics, London, England, C1-1


Monitoring time interval for pQCT-derived bone outcomes in postmenopausal women

Dr Rachel Duckham, Andrew William Frank, James Duncan Johnston, Wojciech P Olszynski,, Saija Annukka Kontulainen

(2013), Vol. 24, pp. 1917-1922, Osteoporosis international, London, England, C1-1


Bone geometry according to menstrual function in female endurance athletes

Dr Rachel Duckham, Nicholas S Peirce, Christine A. Bailey, Gregory D Summers, Noel Cameron, Katherine SF Brooke-Wavell

(2013), Vol. 92, pp. 444-450, Calcified tissue international, New York, N. Y., C1-1


Vitamin D and fall risk

J Basran, Dr Rachel Duckham, D B Hogan

(2013), pp. 66-81, Handbook of vitamin D in human health : prevention, treatment and toxicity, Wageningen, The Netherlands, B1-1


Risk factors for stress fracture in female endurance athletes : a cross-sectional study

Dr Rachel Duckham, Nicholas S Peirce, Caroline Meyer, Gregory D Summers, Noel Cameron, Katherine SF Brooke-Wavell

(2012), Vol. 2, pp. 1-8, BMJ Open, London, England, C1-1


College physical activity is related to mid-life activity levels in women

Cherilyn N Hultquist, Dr Rachel Duckham, Crystal Stinson, Dixie L Thompson

(2009), Vol. 12, pp. 1-7, Journal of exercise physiology online, Duluth, Minnesota, C1-1


The effects of hiking poles on performance and physiological variables during mountain climbing

Dr Rachel Duckham, David Bassett, Eugene Fitzhugh, Tracy Swibas, Amber McMahan

(2009), Vol. 12, pp. 34-41, Journal of exercise physiology online, Duluth, Minnesota, C1-1


Kinematic analysis of the skeleton start

D M R Kivi, Sarah Smith, Dr Rachel Duckham, Brian Holmgren

(2004), pp. 450-452, ISBS 2004 : Proceedings of the Biomechanics in Sports 2004 international symposium, Ottawa, Canada, E1-1