Dr Rebecca Patrick





Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), Deakin University, 1995
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2009


Research interests

Rebecca has three broad research interests:

  • Social health and welfare research issues including family violence and womens health, child support and welfare policy.
  • Scholarship of tertiary education including experiential learning, reflective practice and work integrated learning.
  • Health-related education for sustainability; climate change, social vulnerability and health; health promotion and environmental sustainability.



Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability

Climate Action Network Australia

Australian Health Promotion Association (VicBranch)

Health, Nature & Sustainability Research Group, Deakin University

Nature & Society Network

International Union for Health Promotion & Education


Teaching interests

Unit Chair, HSH303 Public Health - Health Promotion Practicum
Unit Chair, HSH736 Community Consultation & Participation


Patrick R, 2013, ‘Best Investments for Health when Addressing Climate Change’ sub-plenary for the 21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Pattaya, Thailand.

Patrick R, and Capetola, T, 2012, ‘Promoting Health, Social and Environmental Justice in the context of Health Care Practice’, at the Interdisciplinary. Net Environmental Justice & Global Citizenship Conference, Oxford, England.

Patrick, R, Capetola,T & Nuttman, S, 2010 ‘Education for Health and Sustainability’, American Association for Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, Denver, Colorado.

Patrick R, Thoms, A & Capetola, T, 2011, ‘Health Promotion and Sustainability report: creating healthy and sustainable futures launch’, Public Health Association of Australia Annual   Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Capetola, T, Patrick, R & Nuttman, S, ‘Having it all – creative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning while saving the planet’, Deakin Teaching & Learning Conference, Burwood, Australia.

Patrick R, Holland, D & Lamaro, G, ‘Engaged, Enabled and Enacting – Work Integrated Learning for Workforce Ready Graduates, Australian Health Promotion Association's Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Patrick R, Capetola, T & Nuttman, S, 2009 ‘Greening the public health /health promotion workforce: implications for the higher education sector, Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability, Sydney, Australia.

Patrick R & Moore, J, 2008, ‘Transferring learnt knowledge to practice: An example from the health promotion field,’ WACE / ACEN Asia Pacific Conference, Manly, Australia

Research groups

Health, Nature and Sustainability research group


2010 Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching & Learning

2010 Jim and Alison Leslie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching & Learning.

2010 School of Health & Social Development Research Commendation


Patrick, Rebecca, Noy, Sue and Capetola Teresa (2011) Health Promotion and Sustainability: Towards a healthy and sustainable future, Research Report for Department of Health and Sustainability Victoria and endorsed by AHPA, PHAA, Climate & Health Alliance.

Nuttman, Sonia, Patrick, Rebecca, Capetola, Teresa, Noy, Sue and Freeman, Laura (2010) Education For Sustainability: A cross-faculty, interdisciplinary curriculum development initiative, Research & Project Report for Deakin University Strategic Teaching and Learning Grants.

Patrick, Rebecca, Capetola Teresa, Nuttman Sonia (2009) Population Health & Climate Change; Professional Development CD and workshop. Professional development program developed and implemented for Australian Health Promotion Australia (VicBranch).


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Funded Projects at Deakin

Other Public Sector Funding

Sustainability & Health Promotion: Research Paper

Dr Rebecca Patrick, Ms Teresa Capetola

  • 2010: $9,989

Integrated Environmental Volunteering Initiative

Mr Matthew Ebden, A/Prof Mardie Townsend, Dr Rebecca Patrick, Dr Claire Henderson-Wilson, Dr Lynne McLoughlin

  • 2017: $52,917
  • 2015: $105,834

Industry and Other Funding

Increase consumption and sales by developing community awareness and benefits of vegetables (scoping study)

Dr Rebecca Patrick, Dr Claire Henderson-Wilson

  • 2017: $79,500


No completed student supervisions to report