Prof Rohit Varman



Professor Of Marketing


Faculty of Business and Law


BL Deakin Business School


Melbourne Burwood Campus

+61 3 924 68151


Rohit Varman is a Professor of Marketing at Deakin University. Before moving to Australia, he taught in India and United Kingdom. He received his PhD in Marketing from University of Utah and MBA from McGill University.

His research interests are broadly in the fields of Critical Marketing and Consumer Culture. He is currently working on a book on history of marketing in India and an edited book on Critical Marketing. He is also working on research projects in the areas of social impact of marketization, advertising, postcolonial theory, subaltern consumption, and violence in markets. His research paper was recently awarded Emerald Citation of Excellence for 2015.

He has published his research in several journals that include Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Retailing, Organization Science, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, and Marketing Theory.

He serves as Associate Editor of Consumption, Markets & Culture and on the editorial boards of Journal of Macromarketing and Journal of Historical Research in Marketing. He also serves on the board of International Society of Markets and Development.

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Research interests

• Critical Marketing
• Consumer Culture
• Interpretive Research
• Transformative consumer research and social inclusivity

Teaching interests

• Critical Marketing
• Consumer Culture Theory
• Qualitative Research Methods
• Marketing Management


• Emerald Citation of Excellence for 2015
• Doctoral Scholar Award University of Utah, 2001-2002
• Awarded ‘Graduate Research Fellowship’ University of Utah 2001-2002


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