Dr Rose Carnes



Casual Academic


Faculty of Health


School of Health & Soc. Dev.


Geelong Waterfront Campus


Bachelor of Education, University of Tasmania, 1980
Bachelor of Social Work, University of Tasmania, 1998
Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University, 2014


+61 3 522 72759


My research and teaching are multi-disciplinary drawing on education, criminology, psychology, social work, sociology and Indigenous Studies to consider systemic issues and solutions in the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

My work history includes advocacy and education in the community legal sector, counselling, crisis response, policy development and response, politics, management, domestic violence and community development in Tasmania and Western Australia.  I have worked for both government and not for profits. My focus has, over the past decade, focused increasingly on issues facing Indigenous people accessing mainstream services. Some recent work in this area has been working with Peel Community Legal Centre in developing cultural self-awareness in order to move towards meeting national standards in this field.  

I have a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons).  The outcome of my PhD, “Unsettling white noise: yarning about Aboriginal education in Western Australian prisons”,  includes a model for respectful research with Indigenous communities as well as a framework for improving accessibility to mainstream services and agencies for Indigenous people. I have published and presented on a number of related areas including provision of education in prisons; the link between unacknowledged sovereignty and trauma and comparison between regional and urban prisoner education in Western Australia. 

I received the 2011 AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher Award for a paper on Aboriginal education in Western Australian prisons. In 2013 I received a Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Award for my thesis. In 2014 I received the Award for Best Education Thesis in the past two years from Murdoch University.

I have been the Discipline Co-ordinator for Aboriginal Studies at University of Notre Dame Fremantle.  This role included teaching into this area of study.  My current position is with the Centre for Rural, Regional Law and Justice with Deakin University in Geelong. 

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Research interests


Evaluation of We Al-li trauma informed educaring programmes

The intergenerational violence/trauma/incarceration loop 


  • Link between historical trauma and educational success
  • Research methodologies based on building respectful relationships
  • Developing cultural self awareness in professionals
  • Cultural safety in service provision
  • Critical race and whiteness studies
  • Criminalisation of poverty and disadvantage
  • Needs of regional and remote people in accessing support services

Units taught


  • Lecturer/Discipline Co-ordinator,  University of Notre Dame, Fremantle,  2013 - 2014   Aboriginal Studies: co-ordination of first year unit of approximately 300 to 350 students per semester. Co-ordination of sessional staff. 
  • Lecturer Murdoch University, Peel and Rockingham Campuses, 2009.   Regional co-ordinator of OnTrack Enabling Program, Full time on regional campuses

Knowledge areas

Research as a critical ally

Ongoing impact of colonisation on Indigenous Peoples

Ongoing systemic racism and frameworks for teaching cultural self-reflexivity

Community based research

Link between intergenerational trauma and issues faced by Indigenous Peoples in the justice system


  • 2015 ANZSWWER Symposium: Building collaborations in education and research: beyond the rhetoric. (RMIT, September 2015).  "Faster than the speed of white (noise): potential pressure points in research partnerships and processes. 
  • The Reintegration Puzzle Conference (Brisbane, August 2015) "Turn down the white noise:  stories from ex-prisoners".  Powerpoint slides available at http://www.reintegrationpuzzle.com.au
  • Restorative Practices International (Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart, March 2015) "Unsettling white noise to help build stronger relationships"  Powerpoint slides available at http://www.rpiassn.org/events/previous-conferences/fifth-restorative-practices-international-conference/
  • "Stories that rattle institutional cages”  (co-authored with Dr Janean Robinson, Murdoch University)  The Australian Sociology Association, Adelaide, November 2014
  • Western Australian Institute of Educational Research  (Notre Dame University, Fremantle WA, July 2014)  “Lessons learned and a story told” (sole author)
  • Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association, (Mandurah, December 2013: Mapping your law/lore).  Mapping and unsettling white noise.  Conference convenor
  • Western Australian Institute of Educational Research   (Notre Dame University, Fremantle WA, August 2013) “Critical questioning unsettles white noise in educational research”
  • Teaching and Learning Forum 2013   (Perth, February 2013)  Developing Cultural Self Awareness
  • Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association  (Adelaide, December, 2012; Racism and Desire)  Historical trauma and yet to be acknowledged First Nations sovereignty
  • Murdoch University Postgraduate Student Association (Murdoch University, September 2012) “In Western Australia what gaps need to be closed in prisoner education?”
  • Western Australian Institute of Educational Research, (Notre dame University, Fremantle WA, August 2012) “Decentring colonial discourse”
  • Murdoch University Postgraduate Student Association (Murdoch University, September 2011)  “Education revolution”…or just plain revolting? Aboriginal Prisoner Education in Western Australia
  • Western Australian Institute of Educational Research, (Notre dame University, Fremantle WA, August 2011)   Incarcerated Aboriginal Western Australians; missing out on an “education revolution”
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, (UC  Davis, Sacramento, California, May 2011)   “Does Race Come Into It?” what the most recent Custodial Inspector Reports and the words of Indigenous ex-prisoners reveal about Western Australian prisons.
  • Inaugural National Indigenous Policy and Dialogue, (University of New South Wales, Sydney, November 2010)   “They would not listen, they did not know how”; some thoughts from a white student learning from Indigenous Research Methods
  • Murdoch University Postgraduate Student Association (Murdoch University, September, 2010)  Shades of grey: experiences of a first year PhD student in exploring Indigenous Research Methodologies
  • Teaching and Learning Conference,   Edith Cowan University, Joondalup (February, 2010) Big Ears and Noddy; Listening as a necessary academic skill


  • Australian Association for Research in Education Postgraduate Research Award for outstanding conference paper – 2011   Education for incarcerated Aboriginal Western Australians; “Education Revolution” or Just Plain Revolting?
  • Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Postgraduate Award, 2014
  • Nomination for Australian Association for Research in Education Doctoral Thesis of the Year 2014.  Nominated by Murdoch University. 
  • School of Education Prize for Doctor of Philosophy (Education) for best Doctor of Philosophy dissertation in the past two years.  March, 2015


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