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Clinical Curriculum And Assessment Coordinator


Faculty of Health


School of Medicine


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


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The prevalence of vitamin B12 deficiency in a random sample from the Australian population

Dr Eileen Moore, Prof Julie Pasco, A/Prof Alastair Mander, Kerrie Margaret Sanders, A/Prof Ross Carne, Nicole Jenkins, Marion Black, Hans G. Schneider, David Ames, Prof David Watters

(2014), Vol. 3, pp. 95-100, Journal of investigational biochemistry, Ann Arbor, MI, C1


Among vitamin B12 deficient older people, high folate levels are associated with worse cognitive function: combined data from three cohorts

Dr Eileen Moore, David Ames, A/Prof Alastair Mander, A/Prof Ross Carne, Henry Brodaty, Michael Woodward, Karyn Boundy, Dr Kathryn Ellis, Ashley I Bush, Noel Faux, Ralph Martins, Colin L Masters, Christopher Rowe, Cassandra Szoeke, Prof David Watters

(2014), Vol. 39, pp. 661-668, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Cognitive impairment and vitamin B12 : a review

Dr Eileen Moore, Alistair G. Mander, David Ames, A/Prof Ross Carne, Kerrie Margaret Sanders, Prof David Watters

(2012), Vol. 24, pp. 541-548, International psychogeriatrics, Cambridge, England, C1


Hippocampal deformation mapping in MRI-negative PET-positive temporal lobe epilepsy

R Edward Hogan, A/Prof Ross Carne, C.J. Kilpatrick, Mark J Cook, Abhishek Patel, Lauren King, Terence J O'Brien

(2008), Vol. 79, pp. 636-640, Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, London, England, C1


MRI-negative PET-positive temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and mesial TLE differ with quantitative MRI and PET: a case control study

A/Prof Ross Carne, Terence J O'Brien, C.J. Kilpatrick, Lachlan R MacGregor, Lucas Litewka, Rodney J. Hicks, Mark J Cook

(2007), Vol. 7, pp. 1-13, BMC neurology, London, England, C1


The extent of resection of FDG-PET hypometabolism relates to outcome of temporal lobectomy

Anita B Vinton, A/Prof Ross Carne, Rodney J. Hicks, Patricia M Desmond, C.J. Kilpatrick, A.H. Kaye, Terence J O'Brien

(2007), Vol. 130, pp. 548-560, Brain : a journal of neurology, Oxford, England, C1-1


"Magnetic resonance imaging negative positron emission tomography positive" temporal lobe epilepsy : FDG-PET pattern differs from mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

A/Prof Ross Carne, Mark J Cook, Lachlan R MacGregor, C.J. Kilpatrick, Rodney J. Hicks, Terence J O'Brien

(2007), Vol. 9, pp. 32-42, Molecular imaging and biology, New York, NY, C1-1


Cerebral cortex : an MRI-based study of volume and variance with age and sex

A/Prof Ross Carne, Simon Vogrin, Lucas Litewka, Mark J Cook

(2006), Vol. 13, pp. 60-72, Journal of clinical neuroscience, Kidlington, England, C1-1


Depression in temporal lobe epilepsy surgery patients : an FDG-PET study

Michael Salzberg, Taufik Taher, Michael Davie, A/Prof Ross Carne, Prof Jeannette Milgrom, Rodney J. Hicks, Michael A. Murphy, Anita B Vinton, Terence J O'Brien

(2006), Vol. 47, pp. 2125-2130, Epilepsia, Malden, Ma., C1-1



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Associate Supervisor

Patrick David Mahar

Thesis entitled: Toxic epidermal necrolysis: Factors associated with mortality in adult Victorian burns-centre treated patients

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine