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Dr Sally Percival Wood is an Australia-Asia historian and Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Her postdoctoral project is the study of the 40th Anniversary of Australia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership. This represents an extension of her doctoral research on the Bandung Conference as it traces the post-war foreign policies of decolonising Asia and Australia and how these transitions continue to shape Australia's relations with Asia. Sally also worked with Asialink at The University of Melbourne (2010-12) where she managed the Track Two Diplomacy program, and in 2014 gave public lectures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Brunei and Darussalam on the Australia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership for the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Also continuing her doctoral research, Sally is currently writing a history of Afro-Asian solidarity movements from 1900 to 1955. This project looks at the various Pan-African and Pan-Asian, and Afro-Asian, conferences in the first half of the twentieth century, the radial media generated by these movements, and how they interacted with anti-imperialism activists in Britain, Europe and the United States.

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Research interests

The Bandung Conference 1955

Australia's post-war relations with Asia

Asian regionalism

Pan-Asian and Afro-Asian solidarity movements

Anti-imperialism movements

Media (English-language) representations of Asia and Asians

Radical print media

Knowledge areas

  • The Asian-African Conference at Bandung, Indonesia, 1955
  • Colonial and post-colonialAfro-Asian and Pan-Asian solidarity movements
  • Australia's relations with Asia inthe 1950s
  • Media and lierary representations of Asia
  • Australia-ASEAN relations and the Dialogue Partnership


The Neil Archbold Memorial Travel Award and Medal (2009)
Travelling Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Deakin University (2001)


  • Australia's Engagement with Asia: The importance of culture
  • Forty years of Australia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership


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Other Public Sector Funding

40 Years of Australian-ASEAN Partnership: Not just dialogue

Dr Sally Percival Wood

  • 2013: $8,245

40 Years of Australian-ASEAN Partnership: Not just dialogue

Dr Sally Percival Wood

  • 2013: $5,000

40 Years of Australia-ASEAN Partnership: Not Just Dialogue

Dr Sally Percival Wood

  • 2014: $5,000


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